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The “Giro d’Italia Virtual hosted by BKOOL’’ will kick off in October

The Giro d’Italia Virtual hosted by BKOOL, the immersive indoor cycling experience which will transport any cyclist from any point around the world to the actual stages of the current edition of the race via 3D video and 3D avatar simulation, will start in October 2021.

How does it work

Each participant will be able to, from their own home and at any time, delve into the most emblematic routes of the “Corsa Rossa”, experiencing the event first hand and enjoying the spectacular landscape through which the Giro d’Italia passes.

As well as enjoying the chance to ride on the same routes as the professional cyclists, the participants will be able to earn points after each stage, in order then be entered into the the final.

The aim is to bring in the most realistic way possible, the surroundings and the atmosphere of a race such as the Giro d’Italia to the home of any fan, making them feel part of the excitement of living a great Giro from indoors.

This innovative virtual experience will arrive in October of this year, and in the next few days any cycling fan, who has a Smart trainer or Smart Bike and a compatible device, will be able to register to take part.

Discover more on the Giro d’Italia Virtual hosted by BKOOL official website:

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