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The Giro d’Italia is the only stage race of worldwide importance to have sustainability at its heart. For the sixth year in a row, it will support the Ride Green project. The initiative promotes the recycling, monitoring and tracing of all waste produced by the race in order to protect the areas that the Corsa Rosa crosses.

Among Ride Green’s top objectives are waste sorting, recycling, upcycling, performance measurement and raising public awareness around the impact waste has on the environment.

But Ride Green is not only about waste collection and recycling. It’s an initiative that grows year by year, through the promotion of sister projects and collaboration with communities.

The last two editions of Ride Green have seen a collaboration with the BiciScuola project – a 20-year-old educational program that brings younger generations closer to the world of cycling and the Giro d’Italia, by teaching them all the positive values ​​that come with the sport. The project also fosters discussion on ever-urgent themes like sustainable mobility and environmental protection.

This year’s Corsa Rosa will also promote experiences like Giro-E, an e-bike stage event, now in its fourth edition, that brings amateur cyclists onto the Giro’s roads to enable them to experience the pro-cycling atmosphere. The mobile initiative promotes a new way for people to get around, encouraging the switch to sustainable mobility. The Giro-E is indeed a project that truly shares the core values of RIDE GREEN.

A new initiative that’s part of the Giro’s six-year-long green journey is Regala un Albero (gift a tree). with Banca Mediolanum, Title Sponsor of RIDE GREEN 2021, already sponsor of the Maglia Azzurra of the Giro d’Italia, a company that has always been aware of the pressing urgency of adopting a new economic, social and behavioral model that has the well-being and prosperity of all at the center of its actions.

This initiative aims to compensate for CO2 emissions produced by the Corsa Rosa in 2021 by planting 1,600 trees across 300 hectares of land, in the Sila National Park. Located in the Calabria region (South of Italy), the Sila is one of the biggest green areas in Europe. In 2014, UNESCO listed it as the tenth MaB (Man and the Biosphere) Biosphere in Italy, for its impressive biodiversity heritage, which is certainly worth protecting.

A tree will be given to each runner, for a total of 176 trees, plus 1,000 trees for the winner of the Giro d’Italia, and 21 trees for the Maglia Azzurra awarded in each stage.

The trees planted by Regala un Albero

Regala un Albero

Recycling of collected waste

With support from local businesses, we will make sure that all the waste collected and sorted is sent for recycling, to be transformed into secondary raw material.


We will launch socially relevant second-life projects for materials that would otherwise end up in landfill.

Performance measurement

We will measure our performance to do better in the future. How much waste are we producing at each stage? How much waste are we sorting? How much waste could we reduce in the following editions?

Awareness and communication

Our project has the ambition to share culture and promote green thinking by working with the audience, the public administrations, the staff, the sponsors and the athletes.


The project will also attempt to raise awareness among spectators against littering, with a support service for those waiting for the riders made using bicycles, and hence zero-impact. Bikes thus become a symbol of sustainable mobility, as well as a means for collecting and separating litter.

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