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Ride Green


Since 2016, RCS Sport has been partnering with E.R.I.C.A on the Ride Green project, aimed at environmental protection and sustainability. Ride Green marks our positive commitment towards the sustainability of the entire event. This environmentally sustainable waste sorting project, already implemented during the last four editions of the Giro, has proven a successful choice, with 75,758.12 kilos of waste recovered during the 21 Italian stages in 2019, 92% of which has been recycled. Our sustainability project will also be running over the 21 stages of the 103nd Giro, which will kick off on Saturday, Oct 03. We will be raising awareness of the importance of waste recycling among all the citizens, the staff and the media involved. This project – one of a kind –aims at conveying a powerful message through the media channels following the Giro on the territory, both nationally and internationally: the importance of environmental protection and landscape conservation.

All the waste generated during the event– paper and cardboard, plastic, metals (steel, tinplate and aluminium), glass and organic waste – will be sorted in the relevant areas, and we will strive to minimize the amount of non-recoverable waste.

Recycling of collected waste

With support from local businesses, we will make sure that all the waste collected and sorted is sent for recycling, to be transformed into secondary raw material.


We will launch socially relevant second-life projects for materials that would otherwise end up in landfill.

Performance measurement

We will measure our performance to do better in the future. How much waste are we producing at each stage? How much waste are we sorting? How much waste could we reduce in the following editions?

Awareness and communication

Our project has the ambition to share culture and promote green thinking by working with the audience, the public administrations, the staff, the sponsors and the athletes.


The project will also attempt to raise awareness among spectators against littering, with a support service for those waiting for the riders made using bicycles, and hence zero-impact. Bikes thus become a symbol of sustainable mobility, as well as a means for collecting and separating litter.

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