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COREPLA (National Consortium for the Collection and Recycling of Plastic packages) was established in November, 1997. It is part of the “CONAI System” (National Packaging Consortium) and is a no-profit private system with a social character.At the beginning of 2012 it had 2,685 member companies, belonging to the entire life-cycle of plastic packaging.It operates according to principles of efficacy, efficiency and cheapness in order to conform to law and achieve the recycling objectives concerning all types of plastic packaging on the market:

  • sustaining Municipalities in the development of plastic packaging recycling services and grant them economical compensation to cover the main costs sustained in implementing these services, according to a national agreement established between CONAI and ANCI (National Association of Italian Municipalities);
  • guaranteeing recycling start-up of material collected and taking charge of all the necessary preliminary work in order to make it technically feasible and economically sustainable, as well as implementing the energy recovery of the share of collected packages not suitable for the recycling market;
  • providing companies that use plastic packaging not managed by the public collection service platforms their free inserting into appropriate receptacles and correct recovery process, moreover with exclusively subsidiary functions in respect to the market;
  • making citizens, institutions and companies aware of the best plastic packaging management: pointing them towards a sustainable use and ecodesign in order to avoid waste, communicating the qualitative-quantitative increase in recyclable materials, research to develop industrial and recycling market opportunities and applications of recycled plastic.

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EUROSINTEX will produce more than 1,200 containers for separate waste collection which will then be supplied free of charge to all the municipalities of the Giro’s start and finish stage.

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GREENTIRE is a consortium company that deals with the proper management of End of Life Tires.Greentire’s mission is to maximize the recycling of derivatives from each ELT (End of Life Tires) and limit the fraction of tires destined for incineration. From ELT a chain begins leading to the birth of new objects. Greentire tracks recycling and production flows and manages them in a sustainable way, verifying the application of the reference legislation.

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RICREA is one of the 6 CONAI Consortia for recycling of steel packaging such as tomatoes cans, peas and syrup fruit, tuna cans, tinplate aerosols, tin boxes for biscuits, sweets and coffee, cans for oil, small and large drums for paints and solvents, capsules and crown caps.Thanks to you who, after using them, make the separate collection of these packaging, RICREA ensures the return to the steel mill where they will be recycled and become tracks of railway, nails, bolts, rebar, bicycle frames, iron gates… Steel, indeed, is one of the most widespread and used materials in the world (the second after cement), is 100% recyclable over and over again and it is for this reason the most recycled material of all!For RICREA is essential that separate waste collection has been done in your houses, without which this good example of circular economy could not be achieved.

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MATER-BI is an innovative family of biodegradable and compostable bioplastics, developed by NOVAMONT over twenty-five years of research and innovation to provide solutions for specific environmental problems while combining product quality and performance with an efficient use of resources.

MATER-BI’s biodegradability and compostability properties and its high content of renewable raw materials allow optimal organic waste management, reduce the environmental impact and contribute to the development of virtuous systems, with significant advantages throughout the entire production-consumption-disposal cycle.

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IMQ Group

IMQ provides a wide range of services to the sports industry, concerning the project Ride Green it will take care of the sustainability report.

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