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Regala Un Albero

Regala Un Albero is an environmental protection project active in Italy that aims to reforest a portion of land on our peninsula, through the planting and growth of new trees in order to offset CO2 emissions produced by polluting activities.It is a totally Italian initiative that aims to contribute to the global fight against climate change, and at the same time, intends to bring public opinion closer to an increasingly important issue and does so through the involvement of users who become protagonists of the project.In fact, thanks to the planting activities carried out by Regala Un Albero new trees have been planted in Italy that will help to neutralize tons of CO2 emissions during the years of growth, as well as absorbing harmful carbon from the atmosphere, cleaning the air we breathe and helping to preserve biodiversity.The trees will be planted in Sila, Europe’s largest green lung, which in 2014 became the tenth Italian MaB (Man and the Biosphere) Biosphere Reserve in the UNESCO World Network of Sites of Excellence.It is the area with the least pollution on our continent and is characterized by a beautiful, uncontaminated landscape, which one author described as “imagine the woods of northern Europe, but with the light of the Mediterranean”.From this month, thanks to the RIDE GREEN project, 1,600 new trees will be planted, which will be essential to preserve biodiversity, protect the Italian landscape and reduce CO2 emissions!

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SCARPA is the Italian outdoor footwear brand that’s always concerned about issues such as environmental protection, using sustainable green materials in its manufacturing processes. What’s more, the Veneto company recently launched its Green Manifesto, and its flagship products include the Mojito Bio, certified 100% biodegradable, in a fundamental shift towards sustainable production.
After 45 days, the degree of biodegradability in the materials used for soles, treads and uppers is in fact between 6 and 8%, while the average for conventional footwear is 0%.
The development phase of the shoe involved a simplification of production processes.
The shoe’s performance and durability remain unchanged.

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CONOU is the first Italian environmental body dedicated to the waste collection of hazardous material and is now the number one in Europe, in relation to the respective size of the markets, for quantities of used oil collected. Operational since 1984, the Consortium collects annually about 190,000 tons of waste oils, sending 99% to regeneration and, in this way, bringing back about 130,000 lubricating base oils to new life; these regenerated base oils are equivalent in quality and performance to the new ones from first refining. This activity, on the one hand, has prevented the dispersion (in the ground, fresh water, sea or oceans) of a waste product that is particularly persistent and harmful for the environment, and, on the other hand, has allowed for savings on oil imports in the country of about € 3 billion over the past 37 years. These excellent results have been achieved thanks to the commitment of a network of 63 collecting companies, spread throughout the country, each with quality and environmental certifications, as well as common and consistent high-performance standards. This process is then performed by 3 high-tech regeneration plants that complete the cycle by converting the waste into a new product. The CONOU circular pattern will further develop to improve and allow the involvement all the waste oil producers and actors in this extraordinary process of circular economy.

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Biraghi S.p.A. is a family business that takes care of the territory and of the quality of raw materials.
A modern and innovative reality, which constantly invests in the research of new production techniques and in the development of human resources, focusing on aspects of 100% Italian quality and authenticity. In fact, it uses only Italian milk and has always supported the local production chain, investing exclusively in the economic development of the territory by relying on a rigorous and highly selected network of farmers, all Piedmontese and located close to the company itself, who guarantee high quality and the naturalness of the milk produced. For Biraghi, the territory, history and people are the three cornerstones, on which the creation of the important shop in Turin was based, in the historic and artistic heart of the city, opened in 2019, choosing the former F.lli Paissa premises. A store conceived on a purchasing model centred on “knowledge” and “human connections” with the desire to bring the direct relationship with the customer back to the foreground.

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COFIDIS, consumer credit specialist, which has a sport like cycling in its DNA. Equipped with a sports team, since last year in the World Tour, it which will participate in the next Giro d’Italia. Sensitive to the green issue, Cofidis Group launched its project called #LikeMyPlanet in 2020 with the aim of reducing the carbon footprint by 30% by 2023. Aware that the world of sport can also contribute significantly to environmental policies, Cofidis has decided to integrate this project with RIDE GREEN and to choose the Captain of the Team Elia Viviani as Ambassador.

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