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19 February 2020

The Giro d'Italia and Emilia Romagna

The stages of the next Giro d’Italia that will take place in the Emilia Romagna Region were presented last night at Eataly Munich. The Corsa Rosa, organized by RCS Sport / La Gazzetta dello Sport, is scheduled from 9 to 31 May.

After the success of the Grande Partenza of the 2019 Giro d’Italia from Bologna and the other previous start and finish stage cities, Riccione, Ravenna, Modena and Carpi, the Corsa Rosa returns to the territory of Emilia Romagna with three spectacular stages.


Every year in Emilia Romagna there are a dozen sportive races (including the Nove Colli in Cesenatico, which this year celebrates its 50th edition on 24 May) and international mountain bike races that attract participants from all over the world. In recent years the region has transformed cycling into a real tourist product, ‘Romagna Bike’, with road routes, cycle paths and dirt tracks for road and mountain bike enthusiasts, 100 Bike Hotels – specializing in welcoming cyclists – and a rich calendar of competitive events dedicated to the sector.

The first stage of the Giro in Emilia Romagna will be Stage 11, arriving in Rimini on 20 May. Then, the Cesenatico-Cesenatico stage will follow on Thursday 21 May and, finally, the stage starting from Cervia on Friday 22 May.


Mauro Vegni, Director of the Giro d’Italia, said: “After the success of 2019 with the Grande Partenza from Bologna and the stages that have touched the cities of Riccione, Ravenna, Modena and Carpi, we are here to propose together with the Emilia Romagna Region and the Apt a series of stages that will surely leave a mark in the Corsa Rosa 2020. The consolidated relationship between RCS Sport, the Emilia Romagna Region and the Apt is based on the recognition of the Giro d’Italia as a formidable opportunity for promoting tourism and the area touched by the Corsa Rosa.”

“In recent years,” says the Regional Councilor for Tourism, Andrea Corsini, “We have put in place effective interventions to enhance sports and, in particular, cycling tourism in our territory. Today, in Emilia Romagna, there is a dynamic tourist offer capable of answering a growing demand. In 2020, a rich calendar of activities will be enriched, for the second consecutive year, by the stages of the Giro d’Italia, the most popular Italian sporting event. The stages of Rimini, Cesenatico and Cervia will be – through their media and television impact – an opportunity to present our proposals for those who love bike tourism.”

Andrea Gnassi, Mayor of Rimini and President of Visit Romagna, said: “The Giro d’Italia is a great celebration and, at the same time, a great story that this year will encounter Rimini on its way. Rimin is the holidays’ capital and, in 2020, it celebrates 100 years since the birth of Federico Fellini. The Giro, Rimini, Fellini: three elements that represent Italy at its best to the world: hard work, creativity, art, smiles and extraordinary adventures that made many generations dream as it continues today.”

“The Giro d’Italia in Romagna,” added Gnassi in his role as President of Visit Romagna, “for us is not a ‘one shot one spot’ event, but one that crowns a project that was born over time. It is the key that illuminates the Romagna Bike product, which is made up of many initiatives, competitions, granfondos and routes for both road and mountain bikes. It confirms Romagna in establishing itself as a great land in which to live cycling in a thousand forms and a thousand different ways, a land of events dedicated to cycling and competitions, a land of great champions, and a land of leisure bike tourism.”

Matteo Gozzoli, Mayor of Cesenatico said: “The combination of the Giro d’Italia and the 50th edition of the Nove Colli in the same week represents an extraordinary opportunity to promote Cesenatico as the capital of cycling, combining a great professional sporting event and the oldest Granfondo in world for which 12,000 people will travel to attend from all over the world. There will be huge media attention throughout the Romagna area hosting the event that will give us the opportunity to share the beauty of the landscape, gastronomy and culture of a hospitable and welcoming land.

“Being able to present these three stages together in Munich, in the heart of an area very dear to Romagna, represents their great value.”

Massimo Medri, Mayor of Cervia, said: “Cervia has always been a city linked to sport and in particular to the Giro d’Italia. The Corsa Rosa already passed three times from our city, the first time in 1955 and the most recent in 1997, and now we are happy to host it for the fourth time. The Giro d’Italia is not only a sporting event, but also a popular festival that colors the city and gives magic to the streets and the squares decorated in pink.

“In recent years Cervia has focused heavily on sports tourism and on major events such as the Ironman, the Triathlon, the Granfondo and the Marathon and, for this reason, we are proud to welcome, in May, an event so important as the Giro. This sporting event is so internationally significant, in a month when our city is in full splendor and is preparing to celebrate with the characteristic floral event, ‘Cervia Città Giardino’ and the historical reenactment of the ‘Marriage of the Sea’.”

“Never before has sport represented such a significant a tourist resource for our region,” underlines Davide Cassani, President of Apt Servizi Emilia Romagna. “And, in the case of the Giro d’Italia, which returns to Emilia Romagna for the second consecutive year, such a media opportunity. Over time we have built a real tourist product around cycling, made with 8,000km of road routes, cycle paths and dirt tracks, a hundred hotel structures – and the Bike Hotels, specializing in welcoming cyclists – as well as a rich calendar of international competitions. “The Giro is the emblem of our most beautiful and true Italy, and as the current President of the Tourist Promotion Agency of the Emilia Romagna Region, I can only compare it, for its ability to speak to the world of Italy and authentic Italian passion, to the other excellences of the Emilia region from Romagna, from Ferrari to Parmigiano Reggiano, from Giuseppe Verdi to Federico Fellini, and from the mosaics of Ravenna to the Po Delta, just to name a few.

“This year we celebrate 100 years from the birth of Fellini and 50 years of the Nove Colli, the longest-running sportive in Italy, and celebrate them with two stages of the Giro – plus the one in Cervia – in front of millions of spectators from 194 countries. It is the most beautiful way to remember these two events and bring Emilia Romagna to the world.”