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PPO (mandatory passing point) Go to PPO

Accreditation: Parcheggio Cimitero S. Vigilio

Hospitality Address: Parcheggio Campo Sportivo

Hospitality Opening: 08.50 AM

Pre-stage operations and signing-in: 10.20 AM

Race Start: 11.40 AM

PPO (mandatory passing point) Go to PPO

Accreditation: Parcheggio Cimitero S. Vigilio

Hospitality Address: Parcheggio Campo Sportivo

Distance Accreditation Point - Hospitality: 600 m

Hospitality Opening: 08.50 AM

Accreditation: 10.00 AM

Race Start: 11.40 AM

The meeting point for Race Experience guests is in the Hospitality at the Start at least 1h30 before the race start

Race Finish: ~ 5.15 PM

PPO (mandatory passing point) Go to PPO

Hospitality Address: Viale delle Fosse

Hospitality Opening: 1.30 PM

Headquarters: Scuola Secondaria di I Grado Jacopo Vittorelli, Piazzale Trento, 71

Headquarters opening hours: 10.00 AM – 9.00 PM

Distance Headquarters - Hospitality: 250 m

Race Finish: ~5:15 PM

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How to reach the Start and Finish Line areas?

To reach both the Start and Finish Line areas you will have to drive through the PPO (Mandatory Passing Point), then follow the START/FINISH signposts.We remind you that the usual road access will be changed or even closed, and no other access point will be open to vehicles. The PPOs will be the only point of access to the Giro d’Italia zones for all vehicles.


This is the Mandatory Passing Point, which is the only point of access to the start and finish zones of the Giro d’Italia for all vehicles. You can find the PPOs location at the following link.

How to access the Hospitality Areas

The hospitality areas of the Giro d'Italia can only be accessed with a pass. The pass is personal, nominal, non-transferable and valid for 1 person for the marked day. The accessible areas and the duration of the accreditation are indicated on the pass.

Where can I collect passes?

Passes can be collected:In the Start Meeting Area: at the “Accreditation Point”, until one hour before the start of the race.At the Finish: in the daily Race Headquarters (the address is in the Race Guide, which you can download from from 10 am to 1 pm, and from 2 pm to 3:30 pm.

Is it possible to post-mail passes?

Passes cannot be post-mailed.

Under 18

All persons of at least 3 years of age must wear their pass in order to access the hospitality areas. However, minors must be accompanied by an adult in charge; otherwise, they will be denied access to the hospitality areas. For under 14-year-agers the pass is free.Strollers are allowed in the hospitality areas. Due to the conditions of the ground and to the presence of cables and wirings, however, their circulation could be quite difficult.The Giro d’Italia provides mobile toilets that are not equipped with baby changing facilities.

Persons with disabilities

All Giro D’Italia hospitality areas are equipped to welcome people with reduced mobility (adapted ramps and sanitary facilities). Nevertheless, the Start and Finish sites may be on steep and/or uneven ground, and we apologize in advance for any difficulties you may have. We suggest you inform your contact person and the Organizer in advance, so we can accommodate you better.

Dress Code

It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes and shoes suitable for an itinerant and outdoor event. Please consider the possible bad weather conditions, for example in case of mountain finishes. In the hospitality areas, guests are required to dress in a "sport chic" style. Accessing the hospitality areas with cycling clothes is forbidden.

Getting in and out of Hospitality Areas

You may get in and out of the Hospitality Areas until the race is 10 km from the finish, consistently with any activity carried out on the finish line. After that, all access points along the home straight will be closed until the broom wagon has passed under the finish arch. You will be asked to show your pass each time you access the Hospitality Areas.

Parking areas

In the start and finish zones, reserved parking areas are available for accredited vehicles only. Such areas will be duly signposted, with colours matching those used for the accreditation bands. If you plan to spend the day on the "Race Experience" program, you may leave your vehicle parked for the day, displaying your parking pass behind the windshield. The vehicle must be moved within 11:59 pm on the day of validity of said permit.

Parking pass

If you have an electronic parking pass, it must be printed out on A4 paper. No parking pass will be offered, sold or delivered on site. If you do not have a parking pass, we suggest you park where this is possible, and reach the Start and/or Finish area on foot. The traffic and the congestion generated by the road closures, the magnitude of the event and the large crowds make access complicated for non-accredited vehicles.

What is the accreditation band?

This is the official accreditation for vehicles following the Giro d'Italia. The bands are color-coded to indicate different categories, and must be displayed permanently both on the windshield and on the back of the vehicle, to allow said vehicle to travel following the race.

Circulation inside the race convoy

No vehicles are allowed within the race convoy. Only vehicles displaying a PINK or GREEN accreditation band are allowed to travel between the lead vehicle and the broom wagon.

Going from the Start to the Finish Line by car

If you want to drive from the stage start to the finish line, you can use the off race route (all info in the Race Guide).

Race Headquarters

Located at stage finishes, this is the gathering place hosting journalists, photographers, the Race Management, the Jury and all the other functions of the Giro d’Italia’s organization. Inside, you will find the “Accreditation Point” where the Giro d’Italia’s guests might collect their passes to access reserved areas.

Bike/Luggage Storage

The Giro d’Italia does not offer luggage storage. Please avoid bulky items or baggage. Bicycles are forbidden in the hospitality areas and will have to remain outside. The organization denies any liability for any kind of damage/theft.

Toilets/Shower facilities

The hospitality areas are equipped with mobile toilets and toilets for people with disabilities.There are no shower facilities / changing rooms for public use in the Start and Finish areas of the Giro.

First Aid

An adequate medical assistance service is always guaranteed, with fixed positions and vehicles following the race. Our staff is available to help you and suggest you the nearest rescue zone.

Food & beverage, and food restrictions

A free non-stop finger food coffee/bar service is provided in all our Hospitality areas.Our catering teams have the list of allergens present in the items and dishes offered. Do not hesitate to ask them for detailed information. If you have signed up for a "Drive" or "Fly” experience you will get a lunch box. In case of any food intolerance, please contact your host as soon as possible so that we can provide an appropriate menu

Can I smoke?

The majority of our Hospitality areas are outdoors. Smoking is allowed in these zones. However, we kindly ask you to refrain from smoking next to riders, to respect the other guests around you and to throw your butts in the bins on the sites.

Can I take photos or film?

You may take photos or film for your personal use. All commercial use or public dissemination/broadcast of race images (including on social networks) is strictly forbidden.

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