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Il Programma del Giro d'Italia 2022

The Program

A three-week unmissable event, a unique experience.
See the complete program of the toughest race in the world’s most beautiful place.

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04 May

Team Presentation

In the week leading up to the start of the Giro d’Italia, the host city of the Grande Partenza offers a wide range of activities, such as the iconic Team Presentation, enthralling all sports enthusiasts and catching the attention of international media. All the teams introduce their top-notch rosters in front of the cheering crowds, in a vibrant parade of cycling aces from all over the world. This great event, usually held in the evening and open to everyone, is a unique opportunity to have a close-up view of the contenders that will be battling for glory along the roads of the Corsa Rosa.

06 May

Start Open Village

Every day, a sponsor Village is set up near the start zone, where the Giro Sponsors can present their products and services and do public relation activities. The area is open to the public, and is the perfect place to spend the morning waiting for the flag to be dropped, with dedicated entertainment activities for children and adults, featuring music and games.


The Giro-E is an E-Bike Experience organized by RCS Sport Spa during the Giro d’Italia, along the same route and on the same dates. The event is intended to allow all bicycle enthusiasts, amateur cyclists or former Pro riders, to experience the thrill of riding along the roads of the Giro d’Italia, on the same days as the Corsa Rosa.

28 May


Party, fun, music and animation: the Giro d’Italia circus arrives at all the stage finishes with Giroland, the village for adults and children where they can discover the history and symbols of the Pink Race, take a photo with the Trofeo Senza Fine, share it on social networks and enjoy the music of RDS.

28 May

Grande Arrivo

The Grande Arrivo is the closing celebration of the Giro d’Italia. On that occasion, all the riders that have stood on the podium in the three previous weeks will be cheered and acclaimed. And after 21 hard-fought days of racing, the champion will be crowned in a spectacular awards ceremony, receiving the Trofeo Senza Fine in front of a jubilant crowd, amidst flashing cameras. A fantastic celebration, an unmissable event.


How long before the start can I arrive?

The start village opens 3 hours prior to the stage start.

What time do the riders arrive for sign-on?

As of 90 minutes before the start.

Can I ask for autographs?

Yes, but stand behind the barriers. There is no guarantee you will get one.

Where can I park?

Part of the city’s parking lots may be reserved for the Organiser, to serve their needs on race day. You may want to reach the start/finish areas on foot, or see the information provided by the host city to find the parking areas for the public.

Can I access the hospitality areas?

No, access to these areas is by invitation only.

How can I receive a pass to access the hospitality areas?

Passes are issued only upon invitation from a Sponsor or from other subjects in the Giro’s suite.

Are there any toilet facilities?

No. Chemical toilets are available in restricted-access areas only.

Can I take my dog with me?

Yes, but they have to be on a leash and muzzle. However, it is not advisable as the places are usually crowded.

Where can I see the riders?

By the teams’ buses (which are parked in a dedicated area near the start), or by the signature podium during teams’ presentation and sign-on.

Can I go to the finish line?

Yes, the finish area is accessible to the public on foot. However, the home straight is entirely lined with barriers, and the organizer restricts access to their dedicated areas by specific passes. A giant viewing screen broadcasting the race will be set up in the final kilometre.

Where can I see the advertising caravan?

Near the signature podium at the start meeting point, or on the home straight, still behind the barriers. You can also see the caravan’s program to find out where they will stop along the route to stage their parade, as they do at the start and at the finish.

Can I watch the awards ceremony?

Yes, from behind the barriers.

Is there food and drink available?

Yes, inside the hospitality areas reserved to pass holders. Snacks can be found at the open village at the start and at the finish.

How long before the finish will the roads be closed?

Approximately two hours in advance.

How long after the finish will the roads be cleared?

The roads are gradually reopened approximately 30 minutes after the Race End vehicle has passed.

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