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Vittorio Veneto - Ca’ del Poggio - Vittorio Veneto

The ‘Muri’ of Treviso


You begin at Vittorio Veneto, where you can park your car either in one of the several parks in the city centre (Piazza del Popolo area) or in the car park by the Ceneda cemetery.

KM 44
Elevation gain 800
Difficulty A**/F***
Category Amateur/Family
Max. gradient 19%
Duration 2h00-2h30

Technical info

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Info Turistiche

Vittorio Veneto is known to have been the scene of the battle that led to the victory of the Italian army over the Austro-Hungarian army, with the Austrian troops surrender and the end of the First World War. The Museum of the Battle provides a reconstruction of the war event through objects and documents collected by a “boy from ’99”.

From a museum to tell the story to the Silkworm Museum about an important economic resource of the area between the late 1700s and early 1900s. And to plunge into the daily life of a prehistoric village, the Livelet pile-dwelling village has been reconstructed in Revine.

Finally, near the Revine lakes, you can see the hilly landscape from one of the Giant Benches (No. 181) that are part of the Big Bench Community Project.

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