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Viggiano - Villa d’Agri - Viggiano

The Madonna of Viggiano


You set off from Viggiano’s northern district. A short descent is immediately followed by the most testing ascent of the route: the Montagna Grande of Viggiano.

KM 42
Elevation gain 1200
Difficulty **
Category Amateur
Max. gradient 15%
Duration 2h30-3h00

Technical info

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tourist info

The Sanctuary of the Madonna Nera of the Sacred Mount of Viggiano is about 12 km from Viggiano.

It is a frequent pilgrimage destination. The celebrations in honour of the Black Madonna take place on the first Sunday in May (when the statue is carried from the centre of Viggiano to the sanctuary) and on the first Sunday in September (when the statue makes the reverse journey).

The celebrations are preceded on Saturdays by processions to accompany the statue of the Black Madonna on her journeys to and from the Sanctuary, which is her summer home.

Viggiano, besides being one of the most important centres of Marian spirituality and faith in Southern Italy, is known for its tradition of folk music and harp-making.

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