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The regions of the Giro


Forests, nature reserves, lakes and streams, valleys and majestic mountain ranges

Trentino’s greatest treasure consists in the vastness of its natural areas and in the variety of its ecosystems. Suffice it to mention the Dolomites and Lake Garda that are some of the most famous examples of the beauty of this region and iconic destinations that make Trentino renowned throughout the world.

The landscapes have maintained a delicate balance of coexistence of plants, animals and human beings because the environment is constantly protected and cared for with the greatest commitment and attention.

This is another reason why Trentino is like an open-air gymnasium that finds special expression in its relationship with cycling. This land is permeated with the great passion of its inhabitants, always ready to jump onto a bicycle during their spare time and with the stories of great cycling champions past and present that mingle with the vast array of manicured and peerless cycling routes available.

Steep roads that climb up into the mountains and that have been the routes of the Giro d’Italia challenges for years, MTB trails of all levels of difficulty and for all levels of experience, and a vast network of cycling paths that pose no particular problems.

And seeing that this year the best cycling season is the Autumn, we have prepared for you a selection of the best routes to travel with your two-wheeled companion, right when the forests change their colours, inviting you to discover Trentino at its best.

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