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A total immersion in unique and little explored natural havens

Calabria is a region of rare, outstanding beauty. Its mountains and hills, the beautiful seaside villages on its three long coasts, and its splendid relics – a legacy of the ancient Magna Graecia – have impressed visitors since forever. Modern-day travellers will be just as bewildered and captivated by its lively and bustling modern cities, its open‑air contemporary art exhibitions, its entertaining and colourful festivals, and its pristine natural parks. And to top it off, flavour-packed food, unforgettable scents and vivid colours – like the ones you would find in a middle-Eastern bazaar – will make any visit to Calabria an extraordinary taste experience as well.

The Italian writer Leonida Repaci, a native of the region, once wrote that “Calabria came out of God’s hands more beautiful than California and Hawaii, more beautiful than the French Riviera and the Japanese archipelagos, with the sea always shining in shades of purple, roses blooming in December, cloudless skies and fertile ground, plenty of water, a mild climate, and the exciting scent of herbs.” And if you’ve ever been there, you know that’s exactly what it’s like.

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