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Lavarone - Forte Belvedere - Lavarone

The Fortress Plateau


A basically undulating yet uncomplicated route along the roads of the Plateau leading to the discovery of Forte Belvedere.

KM 13
Elevation gain 250
Difficulty A*/F**
Category Amateur/Family
Max. gradient 10%
Duration 1h00-1h30

Technical info

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tourist info

Lavarone is an extended municipality in the province of Trento, which is part of the community known as the Magnifica Comunità degli Altipiani Cimbri (of which Lavarone is the chief town, while the Town Hall is in Gionghi). It lies on the Plateau of the same name, at about 1,200m above sea level, where there is also a lake of karstic origin, one of the oldest in the whole of Trentino – a place where Sigmund Freud spent his holidays in the early 1900s.

Lavarone is an area rich in history, having been the scene of fighting in the Great War. The Belvedere-Gschwent Fort, the Monte Rust optical link station and the Slaghenaufi Military Cemetery can be visited.

Lavarone also hosts the Honey Museum, with its cultural and educational project about the world of bees.