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Treviso - Ciclabile del Sile

Sile around Treviso


A route to discover River Sile along the cycle path running along its banks.

KM 30
Elevation gain 150
Difficulty *
Category Family
Max. gradient -
Duration 1h30-2h00

Technical info

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Info Turistiche

Treviso lies in the lower Venetian plain, in an area rich in water resources: there are numerous resurgent springs, locally known as “fontanassi”.

The main watercourse is the Sile which, due to its constant flow, was an ideal waterway for the mills (in Treviso alone there were 61 mills until the 19th century). Today, however, no mills use the river’s waters anymore; many of them survive as examples of industrial archaeology.

If you stroll in Treviso, you’ll find more than 33 fountains that were historically installed for domestic use and, as such, their use in the past was paced by the rhythms of the day.

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