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LILT charity partner of the Giro d’Italia


Giro d’Italia and LILT come together to fight against cancer

The Giro d’Italia and LILT, the Italian league for the fight against cancer, have come together to pursue one of the primary objectives of the association. Since 1922, LILT has been committed to the fight against cancer under the supervision of the Ministry of Health, throughout the Italian territories.

As a Charity Partner of the Giro, LILT will follow all stages of the tour, crossing the Peninsula from Sicily to Veneto, with the aim of raising public awareness through detailed information and health education. Thanks to the support of the provincial associations and a network of volunteers, LILT will have a presence at each starting village. Providing information and illustrative material, suggestions relating to the cardinal principles of primary prevention, and offering advice on visits to periodic checks, LILT will promote a culture of health and well-being.

The partnership is one of the initiatives implemented in 2022 and celebrates the centenary of the association. It is a unique opportunity to reaffirm the commitment of LILT throughout the country and its constant presence alongside patients and families, and the caregivers who provide physical, psychological and social support.

Francesco Schittulli, LILT President, said: “The final goal of LILT, a future without cancer, can also be reached by cycling: regular sporting activity is in fact one of the behaviors recommended in primary prevention to avoid progressive weight gain and the harmful effects caused by a sedentary lifestyle, which represent one risk factor in the onset of cancer. In addition, physical and sports activity have a very positive effect against anxiety and depression, helping to reduce the onset of chronic diseases.”

Roberto Salamini, Head of Marketing and Communication RCS Sport, said: “The Giro d’Italia has always had a social responsibility at heart, with charity partners in the various editions. This year we are proud to have an important partner such as LILT who will be present in all the stages of the Corsa Rosa in the new GIROLAND Village, from Sicily to Verona, to raise awareness on issues relating to the fight against cancer. Social responsibility is one of the fundamental assets not only in the Giro d’Italia but of the whole RCS group.”

Since physical activity goes hand in hand with healthy eating in primary prevention, bottles of Calabria IGP oil will be distributed free of charge from the LILT stations present at the start of each stage. As a symbol of the traditional Mediterranean food model, Calabria IGP oil is considered one of the most effective for health protection.

Another fundamental element for the fight against cancer is undoubtedly research. For this reason, and on the occasion of the Giro d’Italia, postcards will be distributed highlighting donation requests of 5×1000. Funds raised by these donations are invested every year by LILT, financing research in the oncology field, alongside scholarships reserved for young graduates.

The last decade has seen over 100 projects financed, with around €20 million going towards improving the quality of primary and secondary prevention and assistance to cancer patients and their families.

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