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The 2022 Giro d’Italia: Verona to host Grand finale of race


Giro d'Italia 2022 | The Route

Having already unveiled a series of stages from the Corsa Rosa, here is the grand finale of the Giro d’Italia – an individual time trial finishing in Verona, inside the Verona Arena. This announcement completes the unveiling of the 105th Giro route, with 7 stages for sprinters, 6 hilly stages, 6 high mountain stages and 2 individual time trials. 3410.3 kilometers will be covered, with 51.000 meters of elevation. The Grande Partenza from Hungary on 6 May will be the fourteenth to take place from abroad. Verona will host the final stage of the Corsa Rosa for the fifth time. Verona and its magnificent Roman amphitheatre – the Arena – will host the grand finale of the Corsa Rosa. It will be the fifth time that the Giro ends in Verona, after the editions of 1981, 1984, 2010 and 2019: all individual time trials that crowned the successes in the GC of Battaglin, Moser, Basso and Carapaz.

The UCI ITT World Champion Filippo Ganna said: “The 2021 Giro d’Italia started in pink for me in Turin and finished in pink for the team with Egan Bernal: it would be nice to repeat that again next year. Whoever can take the lead of the GC after Budapest ITT will wear the Maglia Rosa for a few days. Then the final time trial with the arrival at the Verona Arena will be spectacular and decisive for crowning the winner. It will be a very interesting Giro”.


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Urbano Cairo, President of RCS MediaGroup said: “Next year the Giro d’Italia will celebrate its 105th edition with a route from Budapest to Verona. The fact that we have reached this number itself already reflects the importance of the Corsa Rosa for the world of sport and for our group. For the fourteenth time, the race will start from abroad, proof of its international profile. We are coming straight from two previous editions which, despite the difficult period we have experienced, have left a lasting sporting and cultural impact. This has given us an even greater understanding of the public’s love for the Giro across five continents and an appreciation for all the great athletes who have participated in the race to make every Giro spectacular until the last stage. The next edition will be one of the toughest in recent years with its 51,000 metres of total elevation gain. It will touch climbs that have made cycling history such as the Mortirolo, Pordoi and Marmolada, making the journey of the Giro unique once again.”

Federico Sboarina, Mayor of Verona, said: “It’s a dream come true for the second time in four years. After the great event of 2019, we will again host the grand finale of the Giro d’Italia with an arrival in the Arena. This is a source of enormous pride for Verona. By all accounts it is the most striking setting to conclude the ‘queen’ of cycling races and our city is ready to welcome the caravan of the Corsa Rosa. We have a strong bond with the Giro, not only in terms of public participation but also from an organisational point of view because in these last four years we also hosted the ‘Dante stage’ in 2021. I would like to thank RCS and the President of the Region Luca Zaia, without his personal commitment, Verona would not have had this great opportunity. The event will spread the image of Verona everywhere through photos, videos and filming. Our amphitheatre will be at the centre of the sporting world, not only will it therefore be a temple of music but also a venue for major competitive events”.

Luca Zaia, President of Regione Veneto said:“I’d like to thank RCS Sport for what will certainly be another great Giro! My thanks go to RCS Sport also for again choosing the roads of Veneto to celebrate these intense and technically spectacular stages, up to the arrival at the Arena of Verona, passing through Unesco sites that are a source of pride for the region. The collaboration with Director Mauro Vegni and his staff has been perfect as always and the great Veneto passion for all things on two wheels will live on through the race’s other stages – which are filled with sporting, historical and cultural value at each of the territories crossed. Now let’s start the clock – the hands turn joyfully towards the minute of the Go!”

Paulo Bellino, CEO of RCS Sport, said: “Once again this year the Giro d’Italia will be ‘narrated’ not only in sporting terms but also in cultural, historical and touristic terms. This edition, number 105, will have an important international significance, given the Grande Partenza from Hungary with the start in Budapest. Showing the world the beauty of our country has become one of the key points on which we work all year round and during the race in particular. Images of the race will be broadcast across 5 continents and will give great visibility to all the outstanding elements that make the Giro special. I’m convinced that in this edition, especially, there are all the right ingredients to make an international sporting event like the Giro d’Italia both attractive and appealing.”

Mauro Vegni, Director of the Giro d’Italia, said: “This Giro has been developed in order to give the riders the opportunity to fight for the Maglia Rosa and GC from the very first few stages. It will be one of the toughest routes in recent years with almost 51,000 metres of elevation gain. There will be a lot of difficult stages as soon as we return to Italy after the three in Hungary. We wanted to include a selection of mountains in the route that have shaped the history of our race such as the Santa Cristina – which will be the Montagna Pantani – the Mortirolo, the Pordoi (Cima Coppi) and the Passo Fedaia at the foot of the Marmolada. These climbs will be included in the two key stages of the Giro, the Salò – Aprica (which will also be the Forzato Wine Stage) and the Belluno – Marmolada (Passo Fedaia). Also the two time trials (in Budapest and in Verona between the Colline Veronesi) will have an important role to play: the first one because it should assign a new Maglia Rosa that could be worn for several days while the second one could be the decider of this Giro and will definitely change the General Classification.”

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