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Scafa - Santuario del Volto Santo - Scafa

Looking for Veronica


You set off from Scafa and ride toward Lettomanoppello on a gentle incline. Once you reach the square in Lettomanoppello, you follow the road heading to Passo Lanciano for a few hundred metres, then continue straight toward Manoppello.

KM 23
Elevation gain 500
Difficulty A*/F**
Category Amateur/Family
Max. gradient 10%
Duration 1h00-1h30

Technical info

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tourist info

The Sanctuary of the Holy Face is one of the most important churches in Manoppello (province of Pescara).

It is a place of pilgrimage because it houses a relic that, according to legend, is the Veil of Veronica (Holy Face of Manoppello), in which is imprinted a face believed to be that of Jesus.

The Veil of Veronica was displayed publicly for the first time in 1208 by Pope Innocent III, who granted indulgences to anyone who prayed before it. This display became an annual event and on one such occasion, in 1300, Pope Boniface VIII proclaimed the first Jubilee in history.

Unlike the face on the Holy Shroud, the face on the Veil of Manoppello has an open mouth and open eyes.