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Scafa - Blockhaus - Lettomanoppello

Follow in the pedals of the young Merckx


This route traces the Giro, but along a sector that the Giro d’Italia has included only once in 1967 when a very young Eddy Merckx beated Italo Zilioli and, for the first time, drew some attention as he raced in the mountains where he would dominate for the next eight years.It is a very testing route suitable for experienced and well-trained cyclists, both in terms of endurance and the ability to ride on sharp climbs.The start is set in Scafa where the road begins to climb immediately however gently. Past San Valentino in Abruzzo Citeriore, a short descent leads to Roccamorice, where the route negotiates the hardest side of Blockhaus.

KM 56
Elevation gain 1800
Difficulty ****
Category Amateur
Max. gradient 14%
Duration 3h00-3h30

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tourist info

Maiella is the second highest mountain massif in the Abruzzo Apennines after Gran Sasso d’Italia, on the border between the provinces of Chieti, L’Aquila and Pescara. Its highest peak is Mount Amaro (almost 2,800m above sea level).

The park of the same name is one of 24 National Parks, and within it there are no less than seven state nature reserves, consisting of areas with one or more naturalistically important species of plants and wildlife.

The Maiella National Park is defined as a “MOUNTAIN PARK LOOKING OUT ON TO THE SEA”, given the view overlooking the Adriatic coast from Conero to Gargano. You can make numerous hikes of varying length and difficulty, some of which also with your four-legged friends.