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The regions of the Giro


Every place in Sicily is a rare, wonderful gem.

An unforgettable holiday experience comprising food and wine tours, unique masterworks of art, 9 UNESCO sites, 3 active volcanoes, snow-capped mountains and a wonderful sea.

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A sea of light

Sicily is a land of pebbles and white tropical beaches. A warm clear blue sea, the rugged coastline of lava rocks. The Mediterranean Sea at its finest, an extraordinary beauty to behold.

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Natural wonders

Sicily is a land of 5 regional parks and 77 nature reserves, of verdant gentle rolling hills clad with citrus, carob and pistachio crops. A land that is home to exotic plants. A land of contrasting snow-capped peaks and black volcanic rocks.

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A collection of timeless art treasures

Sicily is a wonderful island with a thousand different spirits, and brimming with the splendour of its Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Arab and Norman heritage. A land of stone gardens and marvellous cathedrals.

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Ancient flavours

The scent of citrus and spice, a fertile land and a fishy sea, a melting pot of cultures and cuisines at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, transforming culinary arts into science. This is Sicily.

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Sicily by bike

Touring Sicily by bike is an adventure to be savoured slowly.

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