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The Intergiro, powered by Sara Assicurazioni, returns to the Giro d’Italia


A return to the recent past with a special classification, the Intergiro, which will further enliven the race in the intermediate stages and will be sponsored by Sara Assicurazioni, which will be a partner of the Giro d’Italia for the sixth consecutive time.

The Intergiro (one per stage excluding the time trial stages) will award the top three finishers with 3″ – 2″ – 1″ bonuses valid for the Individual General Classification, and the top eight finishers with 12 – 8 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 points valid for the General Points Classification.

In addition, by awarding the same points, a final daily and overall ranking called “Intergiro” will be drawn up.

Stage and location

1. Torino, Corso Moncalieri, 1st lap


3.Montegrosso d’Asti



6.Monteroni d’Arbia


9.Giugliano in Campania (Patria Lake)

10.Guardia Sanframondi

11.San Salvo Marina



15.Isolaccia Valdidentro

16.Fiè allo Sciliar / Völs am Schlern

17.Canal San Bovo



20.Semonzo del Grappa, 2nd lap

21.Roma, Fori Imperiali, 5th lap

There are prestigious prizes up for grabs: a cash prize, a safe driving course offered by Sara and a trophy, specially made for the occasion, in the shape of a flower, like the Company’s iconic logo.

Sara Assicurazioni, Intergiro and beyond

Sara’s big goal is to tell about its values – mobility, safety, innovation, sustainability and inclusion – through the Giro d’Italia.

So, once again this year, the company will be present at the Giro-E with an Official Team composed of Agents, Employees and Customers who will have the extraordinary opportunity of a first-hand encounter with the champions. And this year for the first time, the roster of participants will also include Alessandro Ossola, Paralympic athlete and president of the Bionic People association, as well as Sara’s ambassador for D&I issues.

Support for BiciScuola – the educational project aimed at primary school students in the provinces touched by the Giro d’Italia to promote the values of sport, environmental and road education – is also confirmed.

With this in mind, the Guido Bene insurance product will be presented during the Giro. This innovative connected car policy is the first in Italy to have received Bureau Veritas certification in terms of environment, responsibility and convenience, as it rewards virtuous driving patterns, combining savings and sustainability.

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