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The Giro d’Italia in Caivano: sport as a social messenger


The Carovana Rosa arrived in Caivano for a moment of fun and commitment dedicated to the values of sport. Institutions, the Director of the Giro d’Italia, and a special guest were present: Faustino Coppi, the son of the Campionissimo.

The initiative was supported by the Metropolitan City of Naples – that promoted the two stages of the Giro in the metropolitan area, the one arriving in Naples yesterday and the one starting from Pompeii tomorrow – to raise awareness of the values of sport among the area’s young people through the language they find most appropriate, that of music, entertainment and fun, and was immediately supported by RCS Sport and the Extraordinary Commission of the Municipality of Caivano.

After the passage of the Carovana, which gave life to a show with music, dancing, choreography, games, animation and entertainment, there was room for an institutional and sporting moment, which was attended by the coordinator of the extraordinary commission that leads the municipality of Caivano, Filippo Dispenza, the Director of the Giro d’Italia, Mauro Vegni, Fabio Ciciliano, Extraordinary Government Commissioner for Caivano, and Giuseppe Cirillo, Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan City of Naples, representing the Metropolitan Mayor, Gaetano Manfredi.

Faustino Coppi: “I am particularly honoured to take part in this initiative and hope to be able to send a message to these boys. I believe that my father’s example can show how a path to success can be established through sport and sacrifice, combined with the values of loyalty, brotherhood, friendship and solidarity. For this reason, the advice I would give to the young people of Naples and of any other city is to do whatever they want to do with their hearts, and to live their lives with respect for others: this is the real victory in life, this is the real goal to achieve”.

Mauro Vegni, Direttore del Giro d’Italia: “The Giro d’Italia has always established a link with the territories it passes through. Proof of this is the public participation, appreciated and acclaimed in the world’s media, during yesterday’s stage, when crowds poured onto the roads for the passage of the race. However, the Giro is not only a sporting event, it is also an instrument that promotes important issues, and this was demonstrated today when we brought to Caivano not only the spectacle of the Corsa Rosa and its Carovana, but also the social values of which sport is the messenger”.

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