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The Giro d’Italia has been named Ambassador of Sports Diplomacy


“Il 107° Giro d’Italia. L’Italia che corre” was held in the Sala Mosaici of the Farnesina (the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs), in front of an audience composed of representatives of sports bodies and federations, the main press organs and the companies that support the organisation of the Giro. During the event, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Antonio Tajani presented a scroll and a plaque to RCS MediaGroup President Urbano Cairo to award the Giro d’Italia with the title of Ambassador of Sports Diplomacy. In turn, Urbano Cairo gifted the Minister a customised Maglia Rosa.

The event, presented by sports journalist Cristiana Fantoni, was also attended by the President of ICE-Agenzia, Matteo Zoppas, the President of Confindustria ANCMA, Mariano Roman, as well as the CEO of Gruppo Manifattura Valcismon – Castelli, Alessio Cremonese, representing the companies sponsoring the Giro. Special guests were Italian champions Tatiana Guderzo and Diego Gastaldi.


Antonio Tajani, Minister of Foreign Affairs: “The Giro d’Italia is a symbol of a running country: a unique and comprehensive means of promoting the nation that starts from its key players and encompasses culture, territories, innovation, tourism, businesses and districts, telling their stories to the world. We are therefore proud to present these Ambassadors of Sports Diplomacy at the Farnesina today”.

Urbano Cairo, President of RCS MediaGroup: “”Besides being a great sporting event, the Giro has always been an important showcase for promoting ‘Made in Italy’ in the world. This ceremony, which elevates the Giro to the role of Ambassador of Italian sports abroad, has a special value because it confirms the closeness of the Institutions to the Corsa Rosa and pushes us to do even better to promote our country. The presence here today of companies like Castelli – crown jewel of Italian manufacturing, and long-time partner that have been sharing the adventure with us for years – is a further demonstration of Italian know-how”.

Matteo Zoppas, Presidente of ICE-Agenzia: “The Giro d’Italia is a great promoter not only of the image of our country in the world, but it is also a driving force for companies that invest and export Made in Italy products worldwide. This is why, together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we are close to and support the Corsa Rosa”.

Mariano Roman, President of Confindustria ANCMA: “Cycling-related companies are in very good health and we expect a further increase in earnings in the coming years. Certainly the Giro d’Italia is a great showcase that helps the promotion of many companies producing bicycles, clothing and more abroad”.

Alessio Cremonese, CEO of Gruppo Manifattura Valcismon – Castelli: “Castelli is a historical brand of the Giro d’Italia and is the company that designs and produces the Maglia Rosa. The Corsa Rosa for us is not only a promotion of the brand on the territory but it helps us a lot to be recognised in the world where we successfully export our products”.

Diego Gastaldi: “For me, the bicycle has been an instrument of rebirth and today I am honoured to be the testimonial of Giro Express. Mine will be a journey through our country where I will explore its history, its beauty, its food and wine, art, craftsmanship and manufacturing excellence”.

Tatiana Guderzo:“Cycling has been my life for 30 years and thanks to the Giro d’Italia I have been able to see new places. They were years of great joys, including medals at World Championships and Olympics, with the regret of never having won the Corsa Rosa”.

The presentation at the Farnesina was an opportunity to present sports diplomacy and reinforce its role as a new tool for integrated promotion, which relies on major sporting events and the initiatives implemented by the network of Embassies, Consulates and Italian Cultural Institutes to promote the Italian brand abroad. The new communication campaign, in conjunction with ICE-Agenzia, was presented as well. This initiative will also focus on innovation, technological research and environmental sustainability, on aspects related to health and nutrition, and on inclusiveness, as cycling is a sport for everyone.

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