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The 2023 results of Ride Green, the project dedicated to the sustainability of the Corsa Rosa


The eighth edition of Ride Green, the sustainability project aimed at safeguarding the areas involved with the Giro d’Italia through separate waste collection, came to an end. In addition to separate waste collection, the Corsa Rosa green project acts through two further channels: education with BiciScuola and sustainable mobility with the Giro-E.

Ride Green is a venture established in 2016 that has produced important results, not only for the local promoters but also for the Partners who, alongside RCS Sport, share its values and usefulness.

In this edition, 83% of over 75 thousand total kilograms of materials were sorted, separated and sent for recycling. A significant figure in line with the positive trend of recent years.

In this process, support came from the municipalities hosting the race’s stage starts and finishes, which acted as an intermediary for promoting the project, ensuring effective supervision that allowed the Giro d’Italia to place itself on the international scene as an increasingly environmentally friendly event, capable of spreading the principles of sustainability and ever increasing the awareness of the public, the local administrations, the partners and all the athletes involved.

Below are the rankings of the most virtuous municipalities that have excelled in separate waste collection, which will be honoured next autumn at the Ride Green Awards.


  • Bra 94.01% WC*
  • Pergine Valsugana 93.44% WC
  • Atripalda 91.66% WC


  • Melfi 89.58% WC
  • Rivoli 87.6% WC
  • Monte Lussari 86.13% WC

(*) Waste Collection

SITIP and Viessmann were Partners for 2023, for the second year running.

SITIP is a leading manufacturer of warp-knitted fabrics for sportswear and urban wear garments. It is the official supplier of the materials used for cycling jerseys at the Giro d’Italia (since 2014) and the Giro-E. Since 2020, it has been using fabrics from the NATIVE Sustainable Textiles line, made from recycled yarns and using chemicals with low environmental impact for a lower consumption of natural resources.

Viessmann, on the other hand, is the pioneering group in the production of low-emission, high-efficiency air conditioning systems. A world leader with a focus on responsible, long-term business relationships.

Nativa: a new particular figure for 2023

As a particular new feature for 2023, NATIVA – Regenerative Design Company – engaged alongside RCS Sport and Giro d’Italia in the green journey, by mapping its social and environmental impacts.

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