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Italy is the birthplace not only of some of the finest and most sophisticated racing bikes in the world

Italian industrial production addresses every type of cyclist, from children to those who use a bike every day for very widely varying needs. But, as already for the highest end production, Italy excels in this case too. In front of Portugal, it is the first bicycle-exporting country in Europe, with 1.77 million bikes exported. 

Being able to “make others pedal” is truly an Italian tradition. European citizens, in particular the French, the Germans, the Dutch, the Spanish and the Scandinavians, as well as the British, know this well, living in the countries where Italian exports are the most important.

Thirty years ago, Italy had a strong vertically integrated industry, i.e. all sorts of tubes went into a factory and bicycles came out at the other end. Today, on the other hand, the factories are horizontally integrated, capable of assembling very different models of bikes to meet every possible desire and need of the customers all over Europe.

Concerning the components industry, especially in the sector of racing bikes, the whole world looks for the sartorial capacity of about thirty small Italian companies which can make frames to measure or special saddles and components that are amongst the best in the world and that guarantee the best performances for athletes, whether they are professionals or amateurs. Italy, recognized in the world for its artisanal expertise, is also confirmed in the bicycle and related components industry, with Italian cycling exports close to euro 1 billion per annum, with a trade balance that has always been in the positive.


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