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How to create or join a FantaGiro d’Italia league?


The most fun way to play the FantaGiro d’Italia and share your passion for cycling and the Corsa Rosa with friends, family, colleagues or even larger communities, is to form or participate in a league.

Leagues are separate and simultaneous competitions to the FantaGiro d’Italia Trophy. A perfect and customisable “location” for each community (you can choose a name, miniature, cover, etc.) in which only registered teams can compete.

Each user may create a maximum of 5 teams and 5 leagues under their own account. Each league can only host one team per user, and each user can participate in a maximum of 25 leagues by registering any one of their teams in each league. All teams will be automatically entered into the FantaGiro d’Italia Trophy, without affecting the 25 league limit.

How to create a league and how to join a league

After creating your own team on the website, you must click on the “Participate in a league with this team” button. At this point you are presented with two options: you either create a new league (up to a maximum of 5) or you request to join one of the already existing leagues via a search menu.

If you wish to create your own league, simply click on “Create a new league“. This will open a new page where you will be asked to upload a cover (recommended resolution 800x320px) and an image for the avatar, enter the league name and determine its status, i.e. whether to leave it public or make it private or secret.

Public leagues are free-access leagues in which you can browse and participate at any time by creating your own team straight away. Private leagues are leagues whose participants can be viewed, but the user must send a request and be accepted by the owner or admins in order to create or register his/her team in the league. Secret leagues  are private leagues of which only the name can be seen until the user’s request is accepted. Once inside, no one outside the league can know that the user is participating.

If, on the other hand, you wish to participate in an existing league, simply choose between the Premium Leagues and the leagues of the users that appear on the screen (in descending order of participants) or, alternatively, type in the name of the league you wish to join in the search menu.

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