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Happy Birthday DURA-ACE


Shimano is very proud to celebrate the 50th anniversary of DURA-ACE, the set of road cycling components that revolutionised performance in professional bike racing.

Since its introduction in 1973, DURA-ACE has quickly become a synonym for speed, accuracy, and innovation. Back then, it was hard to envision that 50 years later, DURA-ACE would dominate the Alpine passes, mountain massifs, and the most spectacular climbs of major Grand Tours and road races, helping the world’s best riders win the most coveted leadership symbols: rainbow, pink, yellow and red jerseys, as well as Olympic gold medals.

Thirty-five years ago, in 1988, the Giro d’Italia witnessed the first ever Grand Tour victory on a bike equipped with Shimano DURA-ACE.

This was just the beginning of a legacy that would span decades and inspire generations of cyclists to push themselves to new heights.

Official 50th birthday website.

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