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Grande Partenza 2024: all the events


This will be a special Grande Partenza, perhaps even more so than any other. For three days, Turin will be the center of attention for the world of cycling and Italian sports. From today until Saturday, May 4, the start day of the 107th Giro d’Italia, the schedule of the Grande Partenza 2024 will feature a large number of events.

It all started with a major inaugural event at the Egyptian Museum, which celebrates its bicentennial this year. The event, moderated by Paolo Pacchioni, reporter at RTL 102,5, was attended by Evelina Christillin, President of the Museum, Alberto Cirio, Regional President of Piedmont, Stefano Lo Russo, Mayor of Turin, and Paolo Bellino, CEO at RCS Sport. Mauro Vegni, Director of the Giro d’Italia, Emanuela Rosa-Clot, Director of Bell’Italia, and Vincenzo Nibali were also at the presentation.

Evelina Christillin, President of the Egyptian Museum: “Culture and sports are universal languages. Major sporting events have made Turin famous also in cultural terms. I am grateful to RCS Sport for involving us in the first stage of Giro d’Italia 107, in an important year for the Egyptian Museum, which is about to celebrate its bicentennial. It will not be just a commemorative exercise, but a path of innovation and transformation of the museum; as a matter of fact, on May 1 we opened the Egyptian Gardens on our terrace, the result of an archaeobotany project. Visitors to the museum until October will be greeted in the atrium and under the courtly arches of the palace by statues of gods and pharaohs taken from the Gallery of the Kings, which is currently being restored, and placed where they stood two centuries ago when the collection arrived in Turin”.

Paolo Bellino, CEO at RCS Sport: “A few years ago there was a slogan in Turin that said ‘always on the move’. Seeing the amount of activities planned for the Grande  Partenza it should be changed to ‘always more on the move’. Turin will be dressed in pink also thanks to the side events that will involve the city and that will not only concern the competitive side. There will be activities for everyone, because the Giro d’Italia is a global event, and we want it to involve every age group to feed the popular passion that makes this race unique in the world. Together with Mauro Vegni we have decided to design a different start to the Giro, and we are convinced that the profile of the first stages, together with all the projects, will make this Grande Partenza unforgettable”.

Vincenzo Nibali: “I am cyclistically linked to Piedmont because in Cuneo in 2010 I wore the Maglia Rosa for the first time and in 2016, here in Turin, I won my second Giro d’Italia. I have wonderful memories of those days, and that victory was also special thanks to the support of the public, which was immense. I really like the design of the first stages, and I think we’ll see the GC riders on the attack. The number one favourite is Tadej Pogacar, but I’m convinced there will be a battle and I’m curious to see what the young Italian talents will do”.



  • 17 – 22 GiroLand and Green Fun Village in piazza Vittorio Veneto
  • 20.30 Giro d’Italia Team presentation at Castello del Valentino


  • 14 – 22 GiroLand and Green Fun Village in piazza Vittorio Veneto
  • 18 Giro-E 2024 Team Presentation in piazza Vittorio Veneto


  • 13.50 Start of the 1st stage of the 107th Giro d’Italia from Venaria Reale
  • 13.45 Start of the 1st stage of the Giro-E from piazza Vittorio Veneto
  • >> followed by a workshop by ANCI at the Giro-E Green Fun Village
  • 19.30 Bike Business Forum with ICE at Eataly Lingotto
  • GiroLand and the Green Fun Village will start their activities in piazza V. Veneto at 10am.

BiciScuola, RCS Sport’s successful “edutainment” project, will start its journey in piazza Vittorio Veneto. The purpose of this venture has always been to introduce the younger generation to cycling as part of a healthy lifestyle, to the spirit of sportsmanship, to a balanced diet, to road safety education and to the rules of the new sustainable mobility. The free initiative involves children from primary school classes (aged 6-10) in the areas where the GIRO D’ITALIA and GIRO-E will be passing.

This will be Piedmont’s fourth time as host of the Grande Partenza of the Giro d’Italia – the previous ones were in 1961, 2011 and 2021. Moreover, on 4 May, the inaugural stage will pay homage to the Invincible champions of the Grande Torino passing from Superga 75 years after the tragedy in which the plane carrying the team on their way back from an away match in Lisbon crashed into the hill.


After a flat stretch of approx. 45 km, the stage has a very hilly profile. Before entering the final circuit (approx. 30 km), the route takes in two categorised climbs of increasing difficulty: Berzano di San Pietro and Superga, coming from Baldissero Torinese, where the gradients are less sharp than coming from Turin, along the ‘traditional’ side. Before the first pass over the line, there is a kick up to San Vito, which will be repeated at the -3 km mark. After the pass over the line comes the Colle Maddalena ascent (7 km at 7%), followed by a technical descent leading to Moncalieri and, eventually, to San Vito.

The Egyptian Museum will award the rider wearing the first Maglia Rosa with a gold-lacquered wooden object made by artist Marco Sciascia. The object is loosely inspired by the shebyu collar worn by the architect Kha, around 1400 B.C., whose grave goods are preserved at the Egyptian Museum. This ancient Egyptian necklace was known as “gold of valor”, which the pharaoh gave as a reward to his most capable officials as a mark of honor often for an important achievement, a precious symbol.

Composed of numerous disc beads held together by a string that runs exactly through its center, the shebyu collar is known from wall depictions and other objects displayed in the largest museum collections, but, the Egyptian Museum is the only one to have an original specimen, although not visible in a display case, as it is preserved among Kha’s bandages.

After Turin, on Sunday, May 5, comes an uphill finish reminiscent of Marco Pantani’s victory at the 1999 Giro d’Italia: San Francesco al Campo-Santuario di Oropa (Biella). The third and final stage in Piedmont is Novara-Fossano, suitable for sprinters but with a final climb that could cut off the purest sprinters. The Carovana Rosa will leave Piedmont on May 7 with the fourth stage, starting in Acqui Terme.


Once again this year the monthly magazine Bell’Italia (Cairo Editore), one of the event’s media partners, is celebrating the Corsa Rosa with a 178-page special edition. The magazine, which will be on sale from April 30, presents the route of Giro 107, from the Reggia di Venaria to Rome and the Imperial Fora, from a tourist perspective, illustrating the artistic and scenic beauties of our country – cities, villages, Alpine passes, lakes and coastal stretches, monuments and archaeological sites – and providing more than 500 addresses for “good stopovers.” A guide to follow the Giro and an invitation to visit the places it passes through. Inside, a special insert anticipates the stages of the Giro Women. On the cover, a cyclist poses under the Winged Victory from the 1st century AD, which is on display in the Capitolium of Brescia, the starting city of the Race.

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