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Giro-E, first week of pure magic


From the sea to the mountains: the initial part of the Giro-E 2020.

The first week of the Giro-E ends with a wealth of experiences and encounters that are nothing short of exceptional. From Sicily to Abruzzo, from the sea to the mountains. Great climbs such as Etna, Valico di Montescuro and Roccaraso, with two four-star stages (Biancavilla-Etna and Caramanico Terme-Roccaraso). As the participants rode 630km they climbed 10,800 meters, just under half of the total altitude difference of approximately 25,000 meters.

The Giro-E is more than just action, fatigue and climbing. It is the opportunity to live the Giro d’Italia experience, the on-stage sign-in, the post-stage podium, the jerseys; and to see the beauty of Italy, the one away from the major tourist routes, such us Giardini Naxos, Montalbano Jonico, Matera, Vieste. And then incredible views, like those of the Manfredonia-Vieste stage, the most evocative of those covered so far, with the road that winds its way across the sea in an indescribably beautiful scene. But also coming are the scenarios of the hardest stages, such as the Scigliano-Camigliatello Silano and the Caramanico Terme-Roccaraso. The first with a Northern Classic climate, including fog, the second in the rain and cold, which the Giro-E’s e-road bikes only assist with accomplishing, because it is the hearts and legs of the participants that enable them to reach the finish line. This brings “electric” cyclists closer to professional riders, even if the intensity and duration, of course, are different: this is the beauty of the Giro-E, the world’s first real stages event dedicated to electrically assisted bikes.



This year, for health reasons, participants are limited to seven teams of six riders, for a group of 42 cyclists. Toyota, Italia Agenzia Nazionale Turismo, Fondazione Michele Scarponi, Valsir, Fly Cycling Team-CDI, Banca Mediolanum and RCS Sport-JCMF EU-Pharma have hosted many guests, tackled all weather conditions, managed super-trained amateur cyclists and newcomers who had never ridden a road bike. The stages, between 70 and 110 kilometers, have been demanding, for those who are on their first experiences in the saddle, but everyone reached the finish line, and was satisfied.

One of the aspects that was most enjoyed was being able to ride alongside champions and former pros such as Gilberto Simoni, Max Lelli, Moreno Moser, Roberto Ferrari, Amedeo Tabini, Patrick Martini: the captains of the Giro-E 2020, have turned into domestiques to help bring everyone to the finish line. And in the hospitality, they had the opportunity to meet great personalities such as Ivan Basso and Francesco Moser,  along with athletes from other sports such as the gymnast Carlotta Ferlito (Giardini Naxos-Villafranca Tirrena) and the middle-distance runner Gaia Sabbatini, who finished the Grottaglie-Brindisi.

As for the jerseys, team Italia Agenzia Nazionale Turismo almost achieved en plein: they have all but one: the Maglia Viola of the general classification (the sum of all the classifications), the Maglia Nera of the Master classification, the Maglia Rossa of the Sprint classification at the finish line, the Maglia Azzurra, special stage classification and the Maglia Arancione of the regularity classification. The Maglia BLU Next Generation of the Junior classification is held by the Fly Cycling Team-CDI.

Among the captains, who fight for the sprint at the finish line on each stage, Roberto Ferrari (Valsir) and Max Lelli (Italia Agenzia Nazionale Turismo) lead with two wins each, while Moreno Moser (RCS Sport), Patrick Martini (Toyota), Paolo Alberati (Fondazione Michele Scarponi) and Amedeo Tabini (Fly Cycling Team-CDI) each have one victory.

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