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Giro-E Enel 2024 – Tappa 9 Bacoli – Napoli


Life as emperors, today, for the cyclists of the Giro-E, which makes little masterpieces of its starts (all different from those of the Giro d’Italia). A piece of cake, when it comes to Naples and, more specifically, Bacoli. Founded by the ancient Romans, with Baia it was a renowned holiday destination for the patricians. Traces of it can be found on land and, due to the area’s strong bradyseism (earth movement), underwater too. Emperors aside, Bacoli lives on its own beauty, between Monte di Procida, Capo Miseno, the Aragonese Castle of Baia and a horizon which, wherever you cast your gaze, tugs at your heartstrings, especially when you look at Naples as if from the sea. With the signature podium at the Villa Comunale and the route first touching on Lake Fusano with the evocative Casina Vanvitelliana and then the Gulf of Naples up to the finish line on the Caracciolo seafront, what more do you want from cycling? Grimpeurs and suiveurs are catered for, both from a tourist and cycling point of view.

Thus ends the first “week” (actually nine days) of the Giro-E Enel 2024, with a fine total of 506 kilometres travelled and 8,300 metres of positive altitude difference. Tomorrow the electric caravan takes a break, so we’ll see you back on the street well rested, on Tuesday.

The Bacoli-Naples stage

Today’s section, however, was no walk in the park: 700 metres altitude range in just 50 kilometres, for Sunday cyclists (today also in the literal sense) such as most of the Giro-E, require a certain amount of work. Nothing majorly tough though, apart from a short (two kilometre) but intense descent from Monte Procida, but a series of leg-breaking ups and downs. Luckily the beautiful Giro-E e-road bikes have motors and batteries hidden in the frame and hubs.

Cyclist of the day – Sergio Savastano

The Bastards of Pizzofalcone, A Place in the Sun and lots and lots of theatre. Today the Giro-E had the pleasure of seeing at the start the actor and director Sergio Savastano, a true Neapolitan and friend of Lello Ferrara, who dressed it in the colours of the team.

“I have a very close relationship with cycling. As a kid in Naples, where everyone usually follows football, I followed cycling. I was a rare bird. We’re talking about 1978-80. The thing I regretted most was not being able to comment on cycling races with friends who followed football. I commented on them myself. This situation went on until recently, then finally my friends evolved and they also switched to cycling. Pedalling in today’s stage, in Naples, I still can’t believe it. It will hit me tomorrow morning… Lello has given me a huge dream. There’s even Chiappucci… can you believe it? I feel like I’m a kid at Disneyland. Departure from Bacoli, arrival in Naples: without taking anything away from the other stages, there really is everything here, you pass by the sea, very scenic areas, especially at the end, then with the beautiful weather… it’s truly exceptional. What does the bike mean to me? The bike is life, or rather, the parable of life, the effort, the success, the satisfaction of arriving, not giving up in the face of difficulties… Naples? We have been experiencing a renaissance for quite a while, let’s hope it lasts, perhaps with a little more logistical organisation.”

City of Sport and Health, an opportunity for young people: on Tuesday in Benevento a new ANCI workshop at the Giro d’Italia.

After a day of rest for the Giro-E, the ANCI workshops will resume in the municipalities hosting the stage starts, with the aim of improving the level of engagement of the young population in public policies and in the valorisation of local resources as drivers of sustainable local development, through the common thread of sport and its values.

The event on Tuesday 14 May at 11.30 am in Benevento, in the hospitality area of the Giro-E Green Fun Village, will be an event dedicated to engagement and growth opportunities for young people in the valorisation of resources, sport and intangible heritage.

The focus is precisely on the promotion of the intangible heritage for local development, with the presentation and representation of some experiences of Campania by the Pro Loco.

The schedule of the workshop on Thursday 16 May at 1pm in Senigalliais also rich, where the focus on networking between public and private with the ANCI NextGen Community will range between various topics: from innovation within schools to volunteering in sport, from education to environmental sustainability and mobility; there will also be a special vehicle that will demonstrate how it is possible to produce electricity by recycling plastic dumped into the sea.

The ANCI workshops at Giro-E take place as part of the broader support and financing program for Italian municipalities under the National Youth Policy Fund.

From Benevento the Giro-E starts again with the ANCI team, captained by Giorgio Rocca, a former skier, and leading a group of local administrators and ambassadors.

For info and registration click here: link

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