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Giro d’Italia, a showcase of Made in Italy all over the world


Rome, 2 May 2023 – The event ‘The 106th Giro d’Italia: a showcase for Italian know-how’ was held at the Farnesina, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Vice President of the Council of Ministers and Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Antonio Tajani, with the Minister of Tourism, Daniela Santanchè, the President of RCS MediaGroup, Urbano Cairo, the President of ICE-Italian Trade Agency, Matteo Zoppas, the President of the Rome Expo 2030 Candidacy Committee, Ambassador Giampiero Massolo, the Giro d’Italia 2013 and 2016 winner, Vincenzo Nibali, and the CEO at Colnago, Nicola Rosin presented the 2023 edition of the Giro d’Italia, the World’s Toughest Race in the World’s Most Beautiful Place, to diplomatic corps, institutional representatives and the press.

The event illustrated the activities that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and ICE-Italian Trade Agency devised to promote ‘Made in Italy’ during the Giro d’Italia and the other major international sporting events that will take place in Italy. An integrated promotion strategy that aims at highlighting not only the artistic and cultural heritage or food and wine, but also the industrial districts and manufacturing activities of the territories along the route of the Giro, to make them better known all over the world.

Antonio Tajani, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation: “The Giro d’Italia is not only a great sporting event, but also a foreign policy instrument and a way of advertising Italian know-how in the world. This is why I wanted to celebrate its presentation at the Farnesina. Through the Giro, Italy promotes itself, its rich productive fabric, its extraordinary territories and its exports, the true driving force of our economy. The structure of this great classic of world cycling, which will end in Rome this year, once again demonstrates the ability of Italy and of its capital to host world-scale events, such as the Ryder Cup golf tournament at the end of September and the Milan-Cortina Winter Olympics in 2026, as part of an ideal path that will hopefully culminate with Rome hosting EXPO 2030.”

Daniela Santanchè, Minister of Tourism: “The Giro d’Italia is a unique opportunity that the Ministry of Tourism, together with Enit, has enthusiastically embraced because it represents an extraordinary showcase for the promotion of our country. Through the journey across Italy, we will also have the opportunity to make known those places that are not classic tourist destinations: those places that are more hidden but also more authentic, such as the small villages. A journey that must involve young people in this sport and in cycling, because cycle tourism is a fundamental tourist segment that is worth 5 billion of Euros, a segment on which Italy can and must grow, also with a view to deseasonalisation. Sporting events of this magnitude help tourism enormously and increase GDP, with fundamental spin-offs for the territory. The hotel bookings to follow the Corsa Rosa have reached 38,000, a very important number that makes it clear why the government believes so much in this event and its success, also with a view to promoting the candidature for Expo 2030, our big goal.”

Urbano Cairo, President RCS MediaGroup: “We are close to the start of the Corsa Rosa, 21 days portraying the best of Made in Italy, which will be promoted through the images that will reach more than 200 countries around the world, exploring every corner of our country and celebrating its traditions, territories, art and culture. Today’s meeting, attended by high-ranking state officials, demonstrates the interest that the institutions have in the Giro d’Italia, and we hope it becomes customary.”

Vincenzo Nibali, 2013 and 2016 Giro d’Italia winner: “The value of the Giro d’Italia on an international level is enormous as it is a global event followed by both sports fans and ordinary spectators. This is demonstrated not only by the presence of fans of so many nationalities on the roads but also by the fact that, after winning it, I have become a public figure worldwide. This is confirmed by the invitations I have received over the years to events in South America and Japan. It is a race that really makes the rider great and projects him into another dimension.”

Matteo Zoppas, President of ICE-Italian Trade Agency‘The Giro d’Italia is a great brand that has been spreading for 106 years, not only talking about Italy but leading people to discover our excellence. The numbers of the event are impressive, we are talking about 750 million people reached worldwide through the TV images and 10 million spectators along the territory. All this is great for the bicycle industry, of which Italy is the eighth largest exporter in the world and which generates an income of 1 billion Euro per year. Ice Agency is carrying out a great promotional activity together with RCS Sport. We hope that this will make a strong contribution in view of the great goal of Expo 2030.”

Giampiero Massolo, President of the Expo 2030 Candidacy Committee: “The Italian candidacy to host Expo 2030 in Rome is based on hospitality, equal dignity and lasting partnerships. Events like the Giro d’Italia are a great opportunity to promote it. The Corsa Rosa is the symbol of an Italy that knows how to organise great events and is always capable of putting itself on the map, as well as the promotion of an entire country.”

In this spirit, another masterpiece of Italian excellence – the official ‘Gioiello’ bicycle crafted by the historic Colnago manufacturer – was presented during the event. To highlight the sporting side of one of the world’s most recognised events, which has a strong international outreach and whose prestige has remained intact over the years, a special mention was made of the Trofeo Senza Fine. One of the most coveted trophies in the world, this year it will be awarded to the Maglia Rosa in the splendid setting of the Imperial Fora.

Nicola Rosin, CEO at Colnago: “For almost 70 years Colnago, a global company based in Cambiago, has invested on Made in Italy. Today we are announcing Colnago Gioiello, the official bike of the 106th Giro d’Italia and the ultimate expression of Italian craftsmanship. It’s a bike decorated in gold leaf, inspired by the Trofeo Senza Fine, destined for the winner of the Corsa Rosa, and produced as a result of the collaboration between some of Italy’s greatest excellences: cycling manufacturing, goldsmithing and design.”

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