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FantaGiro d’Italia: registration is now open


Sign up for FantaGiro d'Italia

Are you ready to experience the endless love for the Giro d’Italia to the fullest, not only by following the exploits of the riders on the roads but also by dwelling on the funniest, most curious, and light-hearted aspects of the three weeks of the Corsa Rosa to score the most points with your FantaTeam?

Then it is time to sign up for the FantaGiro d’Italia 2024, the official fantasy game of the Giro d’Italia, developed in partnership by RCS Sport and the FantaSanremo Team.

How can you participate?

To participate, all you have to do is create an account on the website, follow the procedure to complete the registration and be guided by the tutorial that will lead you through creating your first team and participating in existing leagues, or creating a new one with your friends, colleagues and family.

The leagues to which fantasy players may subscribe will also include those promoted by the main sponsors of the FantaGiro d’Italia, Colnago and Drivalia, and by La Gazzetta dello Sport, media partner of the project. The partners themselves will be actively engaged in the unpredictable and fun rules of the fantasy game through specific bonuses dedicated to them.

Discover all the prizes of the FantaGiro d'Italia competition

A lot of prizes are up for grabs: only for those who register from today until 11 April, the FantaGiro d’Italia will be giving away Hospitality Passes (Grande Partenza in Turin, Grande Arrivo in Rome and for the other start and finish locations) and Race Experience Giro d’Italia (Chrono Experience and Fly Experience), which will give winners the chance to experience a stage of the Corsa Rosa from an absolutely exclusive perspective.

In addition, every user who has regularly registered to FantaGiro d’Italia and who has created at least one team from today until 25 May, will be eligible to participate in the contest connected to the game, which will give them a chance to enter the draw for fantastic prizes such as digital edition subscriptions to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the Lupo Wolfie (the Giro mascot) by Trudi, gift cards for the GiroStore in collaboration with All4Cycling, the Special Jerseys produced by Castelli to celebrate the most iconic stages of the Giro 2024 (Grande Torino 1949, Oropa Sanctuary/Pantani, Naples, Stelvio, Monte Grappa, Rome), the Giro d’Italia 2024 Jerseys (Rosa, Ciclamino, Azzurra and Bianca) autographed by their winners, and a beautiful Colnago V4Rs racing bike.

Competition open from 4th April to 25th May | Total prize pool of € 63.803,85 including VAT.

Click here to discover all the prizes and the competition policy.

FantaGiro d'Italia: how to

Once their account has been created, fantasy players will have to create a team by choosing among eight riders who will be at the start of the Giro d’Italia 2024 (the startlist will be updated periodically until the official announcement before the Giro d’Italia) and appoint one of them as captain – a paramount role, as the points they will earn according to the finishing order of each stage will be doubled.

All this while taking care not to exceed the threshold of 100 Wolfies (the mascot of the Giro d’Italia and ‘currency’ of the FantaGiro d’Italia), the maximum credit made available to buy riders and compose one’s team. The FantaQuotazioni of the riders, which express their cost in Wolfies, are the result of a powerful and complex algorithm of the Federazione Italiana FantaGiro d’Italia, which takes into consideration multiple factors including the world ranking, the bookmakers’ quotations and the “Fanta factor” of each rider, and are therefore not intended as an index of the sporting value of the riders themselves.

Each user may create a maximum of 5 teams and 5 leagues with their account, and participate in up to a maximum of 25 leagues by registering any one of their teams in each of them. All teams will be automatically included in the overall ranking of the FantaGiro d’Italia.

Discover all the FantaGiro d'Italia channels

Information on the competition, the rules, FAQ and the FantaQuotazioni can be found at the website FantaGiro d’Italia and on the Social Media channels of the FantaGiro d’Italia 2024 (Facebook, X, Instagram, TikTok, Threads e il canale Telegram).

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