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Giro d'Italia: an analysis of social and environmental impacts to kick-start an evolution

This year the Giro d'Italia has chosen to map the environmental and social impacts of the event with the support of NATIVA. A fundamental first step to influence future sustainable choices. The project, which will be described in a dedicated Report, involves the entire ecosystem through a quantitative and qualitative analysis.

The world of events and sports, like any human activity, generates an impact. As such it has the opportunity to contribute to solving the challenges of the 21st century, and be a positive force to drive change. The industry can choose to evolve its culture and impacts, engaging and inspiring millions of people and fans along the way.

In this context, the Giro d’Italia has chosen to undertake with NATIVA a project to map its environmental, social and economic impacts. NATIVA is a Regenerative Design Company with distinctive leadership at a European level in sustainable innovation to accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable and regenerative paradigm.



The project foresees a deep involvement of those who create and live the event every year – the Giro d’Italia organisation itself, suppliers and partners, the local communities, the athletes, as well as the large pool of spectators – in an analysis that will collect data of more than 150 KPIs across 5 areas sustainability-linked: Circularity, Natural Capital, Climate Resilience, Education and Involvement, Wellbeing, Happiness and Health. Therefore, both the tangible impacts as well as the intangible value of such sports event’s DNA will be considered in the analysis: the wellbeing of the people and the impact on the territories.

The objective is clear: to understand where the Giro stands today and to chart the way for future evolution, together with the entire ecosystem. Narrating the results, best practices, areas for improvement, and the contribution that stakeholders can and want to make in an in-depth, accurate and transparent manner in a Report during 2023.

Naturally, the initiative will Follow is the direction defined by Giro d’Italia’s Regenerative Ambition,

The Giro d’Italia is all of us

All of us, through  the emotions of

cycling, will aim to best showcase the communities

and territories of our Country so that we protect their beauty and

exalt the richness of its variety, towards the

future we choose.

that will be able to guide the choices in the coming years on three objectives: to highlight the full potential of the places crossed by the Giro, through collaboration with local communities and the exaltation of its cultures and excellences; to spread the values of sport, thanks to the involvement of institutions and the passion of people, giving life to a celebration, an event that can be enjoyed by all and that binds different generations; and to make cycling the symbol of the transition towards a more sustainable future, respecting and enhancing the link between nature and people.

Help the Giro d’Italia evolve by filling out the social and environmental impacts questionnaire. Click here and go to the questionnaire.


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