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Trabocchi, Ortona

The Trabocchi cycle path - 1


A very easy route along the Ciclovia Adriatica on the exact section which will be covered in the first individual time trial of the Giro d'Italia 2023.

KM 38
Altitude gain 200
Difficulty *
Category Family
Max. gradient 0%
Duration 2h00-2h30

Technical info

Scarica Traccia

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tourist info

The so-called “Trabocchi” are ancient fishing machines built on stilts, typical of the coast of Abruzzo region, protected as historical monuments in the Costa dei Trabocchi, which are also widespread along the coasts of the southern Adriatic and Tyrrhenian Sea.
These are massive constructions built from wood consisting of a platform anchored to the rock by large logs of Aleppo pine. From this platform, two (or more) long arms called antennae stretch out suspended some feet above the water, supporting a huge, narrow-meshed, net (called trabocchetto). The Trabocchi are thus ingenious machines for fishing directly from the mainland, eliminating boat-related risks.
Several Trabocchi have more recently been converted into bars and restaurants.