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Aprica - Tresenda - Santa Cristina - Aprica

Less travelled Valtellina


The route sets off from Aprica toward Tresenda, but after approx. 3km downhill it takes a U-turn on a small road that leads to Lake Ganda and to Carona.

KM 43
Elevation gain 1400
Difficulty ***
Category Amateur
Max. gradient 13%
Duration 2h30-3h00

Technical info

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Info Turistiche

Carona, historic village of Val Caronella, is located on the Orobic side of the municipality of Teglio, at 1,100m altitude. The patron saint of the village is Sant’Omobono, the same as that of Cremona. Legend has it that the inhabitants of that city, fleeing from Barbarossa, arrived here around the 12th century. It was an area where iron extracted from the mines of the nearby Val Belviso and Val Caronella was worked. The church of Sant’Omobono, with 15th-16th century paintings and and adjacent oratory, is worth a visit. The same is true for the Ethnographic Museum, set up by the Associazione Amici per Carona, where traditional objects and tools are on display. A visit must necessarily include a walk to the panoramic terrace over Mount Combolo and the valley and a dish of pizzoccheri.

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