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4 June 2019

The numbers of the Giro d'Italia 102

An enthralling Giro d’Italia has just ended. Here’s the story of the 102nd edition, in numbers:

  • 1 – The first Giro d’Italia won by an Ecuadorian rider
  • 3 – The bib number of the winner, Richard Carapaz
  • 39,291 – The average speed of this year’s Giro
  • 59 – companies sponsored the Giro, including jerseys, rankings, advertising caravans and departure and arrival towns and villages
  • 142 – riders finished the Giro
  • 147 – stops made by the colorful Advertising Caravan during the Corsa Rosa
  • 198 – countries, right around the world, broadcasted the race live
  • 533 – cyclists participated in the GIRO E, the multi-stage event dedicated to electric-assisted bikes that took place on the same roads and on the same days as the Giro d’Italia
  • 1,500 – articles were published in Ecuador, in print and web media, during the final week of the Giro
  • 1,735 – accredited media from international, national and local publications attended the race
  • 3,537.6 – kilometers raced in this edition
  • 9,775 – spectators packed the Arena di Verona in the grand finale of the Giro (maximum capacity)
  • 50,000 – children were involved in the BICISCUOLA educational project
  • 73,078.68 – kilograms of waste were collected during the Giro, then recycled, through the Ride Green project (92.1% of the total was recycled)
  • 2,800,000 – The social media community of the Corsa Rosa
  • 3,700,000 – The peak audience on the Italian national TV channel RAI for the finale of the 20th stage
  • 80,000,000 – page views on during the three-week race