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The regions of the Giro

The Giro d’Italia is more than ‘just’ a sporting event: it’s also a journey through the landscape, the territory and the regional communities of a wonderful country.


Come to discover the Abruzzo that you don’t expect!

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Aosta Valley

Here you will find the excitement of a holiday in the highest mountains of the Alps, but also ancient flavors and the charm of history among fairytale castles and Roman architecture.

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A multi-faceted location, fulfilling the needs of all kinds of travellers.

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A total immersion in unique and little explored natural havens

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Let yourself be moved by the beauties of this precious land

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Emilia Romagna

Emilia Romagna: a land full of surprises

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Friuli Venezia Giulia

Countless kilometres of cycle routes, bike paths, gravel roads and cycling circuits, in a unique combination of pristine nature and art treasures.

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Welcome to Liguria, a beautiful land between mountains and sea, where culture, nature and history are perfectly blended together! A paradise for outdoor lovers.

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Exploring the region by bike – a slow journey across a rich historical heritage and a stunningly beautiful landscape, using all of your senses.

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Never-ending beauty.

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From the peaks of the Apennines to the coast, the uncontaminated natural environment of Molise is a perfect place to relax, play sport and go on excursions.

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Piedmont has to be travelled slowly. The ideal means of travel is the bicycle.

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An unforgettable holiday experience comprising food and wine tours, unique masterworks of art, 9 UNESCO sites, 3 active volcanoes, snow-capped mountains and a wonderful sea.

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Trentino: Nature and Beauty whatever the season

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Veneto: a never ending dream!

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