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This is a story that takes place every year for three weeks, each time featuring new champions, new adventures and new chapters. A story that never ends.Crafted for the first time in 1999, the trophy has been awarded to Giro d’Italia winners since 2000. Made from gold-plated copper, and weighing approx. 10 kg, it is 53 cm in height and 20 cm in diameter.

Maglia Rosa

Identifying the GC leader since 1931, the Maglia Rosa is an icon, a symbol not only of Italian sport, but also of Italian-made culture. The Maglia Rosa has evolved into a highly technical garment, while still embodying the values and the legends of the past, telling a compelling story and conveying strong feelings.

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Il Logo

The Giro d’Italia logo was restyled in 2017 for the 100th edition, combining the symbols of the event in an incisive graphical form, with the Trofeo senza Fine – the emblem of final victory – merging into a rider in the pink jersey. The symbol of the infinite becomes the core of the Giro’s new identity, Amore Infinito, an endless love that has been warming and filling the hearts of cycling enthusiasts, insiders and riders throughout the world and the generations.


A great team player and a fond cycling enthusiast, Wolfie is the Giro d’Italia mascot. Wolfie was born out of a joint corporate social responsibility project between the Giro d’Italia and the WWF European Alpine Programme.

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Pink like the Gazzetta dello Sport, like a newspaper’s page, like those leaflets handed out on the top of a hill and then laid over the stomach as a protection from the cold of the descent. Pink like a champion’s dawn. The Maglia Rosa prerogative of the number one in the place list.

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Blue as the sky when you raise your eyes on top of the climb, looking for fresh air. Blue as the swollen torrent that floods from the source up to the botton of the sea. Blue as the waters of a Mountain glacier lake. Such is the Maglia Azzurra of the first Mountain Gran Prix (GPM).


Cyclamen like a flower and already like a fruit, Like a thought and already like a memory, Like a desire and already like nostalgia, Like a full stop and already like semi-colon and new paragraph, Like a goal we are aiming at, today, tomorrow, forever. The Maglia Ciclamino of the King of the General Point Classification.


White as a symbol of freshness and even innocence, of cleanliness and even candor, like youth, not to say shyness. White like a sleepless night for a neophyte, a beginner, a novice. The white jersey for the number one among the junior category.

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