The most advanced engineering solutions at the service of speed. This is what makes DURA-ACE R9200 the best performing component series on the market.

“Professionals want to win. It is very simple. They know that crossing the finish line first can be a matter of thousandths of a second. There are no shortcuts. And that performance comes from a perfect mix of speed, power, control and aerodynamics.” Shimano’s credo is all in the words of Coryn Rivera, DSM team professional, and in the hands of Hiroshi Matsumoto, head of product planning for the Japanese brand. His men work daily to perfect each component: they test, fine-tune, repeat.Experimentation never stops,” says the ‘shaman’ of speed. “And the same is true for commitment. Engineers and technicians go back to the drawing board as often as necessary to achieve excellence, for weeks, months or years.”  

This very dedication has enabled them to develop DURA-ACE, the series of components celebrating its first 50 years at the Giro d’Italia 2023. Just take a closer look at the latest version, the R9200, to realize the underpinning research work. Let us start with the Di2 platform, which provides a lightning-fast connection between control and gearbox, the fastest ever produced by the Japanese company. How fast? The answer is in the numbers: 58 per cent less running time for the rear derailleur and 28 per cent less running time for the front derailleur. Sure, these are just instants, but they translate into a swifter sprint or a more accelerated entry into a corner: in some cases, they make a difference between victory and defeat.

But during the most strenuous efforts, seamless shifts also count for a lot. It is no coincidence that Shimano engineers have taken HYPERGLIDE+ technology from the MTB and Gravel world and adapted it to road bikes. This has resulted in a special interface that gently guides the chain up and down the gear range, thus ensuring fast and accurate shifting in both directions, even under extreme pedaling loads. The benefit is obvious: there are no jolts, and you no longer need to reduce pressure on the pedals before shifting.

Pedaling is also smoother thanks to a 12-speed cassette, with more progressive and closer gears, allowing the perfect cadence to be found in all circumstances. What about wireless? There is, but only where it is needed. The gearstick levers, for example, have no electrical connections, resulting in a much cleaner cockpit. Shifters and derailleurs, on the other hand, are wired and connected to an internal battery that guarantees 1000 kilometers of covered distance.

Hence, zero stress, even on the toughest descents. This is obtained through the Servo Wave braking technology, designed to ensure rapid initial attack, which immediately brings the pads in contact with the rotor, followed by a decrease in force generation. The effect is better modulated braking, allowing millimetric trajectories (yes, even downhill) with improved control. You just have to try the new DURA-ACE R9200. If you want to know more, click here.