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Giro d’Italia Awards 2021: The Best Team


Ineos Grenadiers has won the award as the Best Team at the 2021 Giro.

The team has performed so well that winning the final Maglia Rosa almost seemed a logical consequence, the perfect denouement for a flawless endeavour, the tip of an iceberg with solid foundations. With Filippo Ganna claiming both ITTs, and Bernal taking stages in Rocca di Cambio and in Cortina, Ineos scored four wins overall. It was the only team with two top‑ten GC finishers, Bernal in first place and Martínez in fifth.

This, alone, would be enough to justify the prize.

Even more impressive, though, were the team’s consistency and resolution throughout the three racing weeks. With Sivakov crashing out of the competition to soon, the squad lost one of the most trusted domestiques for Bernal in mountain stages.

However, Moscon and Castroviejo skilfully stood in for him in the first, real summit finish in Rocca di Cambio. Ganna and Puccio led Bernal through the tricky dirt roads of Montalcino, keeping him at the front of the race, and safe from harm.

Martínez never left his side whenever the gradients went up, and especially in the final kilometres leading to Sega di Ala, when Bernal needed him the most.

Every day, for 21 stages, for a further dozen times, Ineos Grenadiers has shown an extraordinary determination which has earned it the final Maglia Rosa, and the award as the Best Team at the 2021 Giro.


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