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Giro d’Italia arrives in Brazil!


One of the biggest road cycling events in the world arrives in the country with an exclusive version for amateurs. Giro d’Italia Ride Like a Pro Brasil Competition will be held in Campos do Jordão, a paradise of mountains and scenic beauty in the state of São Paulo.

Technique, strength and endurance. These are the three fundamental elements to face one of the biggest cycling laps on the planet! Giro d’Italia has existed since 1909 and, for the first time, it will be displayed on Brazilian soil with a totally different proposal: the competition has as its target audience of amateur cyclists who are passionate about the sport! The competition will take place in one of the most charming cities in the country.

Campos do Jordão city is located at the top of the Mantiqueira mountain range. The spot was chosen as the venue for the competition for many reasons, such as the excellent hotel infrastructure and the privileged location between São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais, also the mountainous topography of the tourist resort is similar to the region where the race was originally held, and most of all, it’s a consolidated and aspired destiny for cycling athletes. The climate and altitude above 1700 meters are also differentials that promise excitement and adrenaline from beginning to end!
Giro d’Italia Ride Like a Pro Brasil: Developed to be the biggest road cycling challenge in Brazil!

The project will be called Giro d’Italia Ride Like a Pro BRASIL. Brazil has everything to be one of the main platforms for the strong expansion of the Giro d’Italia brand around the world in the coming years. In Campos do Jordão cycling fans will be the protagonists, as well as influencers and great professional cyclists renowned around the world. The idea is to give them the opportunity to literally experience all the emotions of a professional competition, all with a lot of fair play, team spirit and a complete immersion in the aesthetics and values of this great Italian competition.
The Long distance course will pass through SERRA DO PAIOL, an extreme challenge for cyclists!
The challenge in Campos do Jordão already has a scheduled date, April 3, 2022, date chosen to honor the first edition ever printed of the Journal La Gazzetta Dello Sport. The event has two route options: A short course with about 63km and +1300m of altimetry, and a long course with 112km and +2650 of altitude gain. The long course will pass through the unprecedented and feared Serra do Paiol, a mountainous stretch with 12km of almost uninterrupted climbs and +1350 of altitude gain. Let there be breath and legs!
The event will have a GRAVEL stretch on the route, an unprecedented proposal for road cycling in Brazil!

The event will have a GRAVEL stretch on the route, an unprecedented proposal for road cycling in Brazil!
Regardless of their technical level, Giro d’Italia Ride Like a Pro Brasil participants will have the chance to experience what they hope will be the greatest experience of road cycling in Brazil. The race courses will be 100% closed for greater safety for competitors, with passages through the new Serra de Campos do Jordão, as well as stretches of dirt roads (Gravel), one of the emblematic features of the Giro d’Italia.
This unprecedented GRAVEL section was created precisely to maintain tradition and bring the experience of the Italian competition as close as possible. With this new feature, athletes will have to consider all the characteristics of the race in their training, getting to know new sensations and making the dispute even more exciting!

Event should boost regional and local tourism with more than 3 million euros in revenue
During the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of April 2022, the Giro d’Italia Ride Like a Pro Brasil will also feature the fantastic Expo Village, an exclusive space for the exhibition and sale of sporting materials, where the event’s sponsors connect with the athletes and also promote several activations for the public. The organization and realization of the event are under the responsibility of Global Vita Sports, a sports marketing agency specialized in the development and execution of large-scale events for triple A consumers. In addition to the already consolidated team, the company also brought some of the best and most experienced professionals who worked in the Olympic games in Brasil With a staff of this magnitude and competence, success is guaranteed!

According to Arthur Trauczynski, Managing Partner of Global Vita Sports, Giro d’Italia Ride Like a Pro BRASIL will transcend the meaning of a competitive event, the project was designed and planned in the smallest details to also act as a sports marketing, network and Business platform. “We are proud and very happy to partner with the Italian company RCS Sports, a sports giant listed on the stock exchange and a world reference in major sporting events. More than anything, we are excited and committed to host such a great party and sporting event that celebrates the essence of the Italian spirit and is a source of pride for the country’s cycling community. Above all, we have great expectations with the transforming effect of the event on local and regional tourism, boosting the economy of Campos do Jordão and region, a movement that is very important for the current scenario in our country.”
Giro d’Italia Ride Like a Pro Brasil have already closed some big and major sponsors for the event, such as C6 Bank Mastercard, Cannondale, EF Education and Caffeine Army.

Giro d’Italia: more than a century of tradition!

The first edition of the Giro d’Italia took place in 1909, organized by the newspaper La Gazzeta Dello Sport. The bicycle event arose to face the Corriere dela Sera newspaper, which at the time was already promoting a tour of Italy by car. Since then, the tour has been held every year, with stops only during the two great world wars, a period in which there was no competition.
The MAGLIA ROSA T-shirt worn by the leader of the competition in the general classification is a reference to the pages of the newspaper. The spin is heavy. There are 21 stages played over three weeks with courses of more than 3,500 km and only two days of rest. Not by chance, the race is internationally recognized as the most difficult and in one of the most incredible places in the world, full of paradisiacal landscapes!

Registration for the Giro d'Italia ride like a pro Brasil!

The event has already arrived in Brazil and is on the Hype, with more than a thousand participants already subscribed. All information can be accessed on the event’s official website,, or on the Ticket Agora registration platform. The entry is limited to 25 hundred athletes, don’t loose this opportunity.

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