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Giro d’Italia 103: Corsa Rosa sponsors announced


The 103rd edition of the Giro d’Italia is about to start. The Corsa Rosa, organised by RCS Sport and running from 3 to 25 October, has many important partners who will live and travel together for three weeks of emotions in sport, culture and racing passion.

Top Sponsors
Enel – Maglia Rosa
Banca Mediolanum – Maglia Azzurra
Segafredo Zanetti – Maglia Ciclamino
Eurospin – Maglia Bianca
NamedSport – Vincitore di Tappa – Start & Go
Sara Assicurazioni – Final Rush

Official Timekeeper

Official Sponsors
Castelli, Continental, Bianchi, Intimissimi Uomo, Vecchio Amaro del Capo, Valsir, Toyota, Italia Agenzia Nazionale Turismo, NOVI, Regione Calabria

Official Partners
Tim, Trenitalia, Selle Italia, Shimano, Valmora, Avis, Yamaha, Bardiani Valvole CSF Inox

Official Suppliers
Sitip, Astoria, Garmin, Biraghi, Loriana, Amica chips, Faxiflora, Lenirit, MT Helmets, Acerbis, Italtelo, Gae engineering, Freehand, Birra San Gabriel, Bric’s

Navigare, Ugo Cilento, Elite, Le formiche di Fabio Vettori, Gadget Group, Touring Club Italiano, EEVYE, Sportler, VeloNews

Tour Operators
Esperienza srl, Italy bike tour, Sport Tour International


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