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BiciScuola and Reporter Per Un Giorno


Passing the love for cycling onto the younger generations.

For the past few years, the Giro d’Italia has been more than just a sporting event, involving projects that foster discussion on wider topics like environmental sustainability and social responsibility.


The scheme is one of the closest to RCS Sport’s heart. Now in its 20th edition, BiciScuola is an edutainment program that aims to bring primary school children closer to the world of cycling, the Giro d’Italia and its values. Its goal is to teach them cycling as a tool for a healthy lifestyle; to teach them fair play in sports; and to educate them on nutrition, road safety and sustainable mobility.

Edition number 20 will feature a series of new projects. Among the topics are RCS’ Classics (Strade Bianche Eolo, Tirreno-Adriatico Eolo, Milano-Sanremo, Milano-Torino, Gran Piemonte and Il Lombardia, also presented by Eolo), embracing the whole racing season until October. Online classes will start today with an introduction on the main themes that the program will cover. This will be a chance to think about the course’s final papers, which will involve a contest between classes from different schools and cities – there will be a winning class for each city of departure and arrival of every race organized by RCS. The lessons will be taught by qualified teachers, in collaboration with Polizia Stradale, and will be available to stream in the dedicated section on the website. All of the enrolled schools and teachers will have access to an online platform where educational materials are offered in a digital format. To date, over 1,600,000 students have been involved in the program, 26,000 of whom have been awarded a prize. The scheme’s main target is children between six and 10 years old. The 2020 edition involved 194 schools, 4,344 teachers and 50,000 children, while there have been 32 online awards ceremonies and 1,662 winners.

The partners for the program are ENEL – ACI – KELLOGG’S – IGP RED ORANGE OF SICILY CONSORTIUM.

Reporter Per Un Giorno (Reporter for a day)

Reporter for a day is a new initiative by RCS Sport that aims to bring secondary-school children closer to the world of journalism and sports writing, by involving them in cycling races and looking at those cycling brands that informed and thrilled cycling fans for many years.

The first edition of the project was organised last year, focusing on the Giro d’Italia. From this spring onwards, however, the project will also cover the Classics that are organized, just like the Corsa Rosa, by RCS Sport: Strade Bianche (6 March), Tirreno Adriatico (10 – 16 March), Milano-Sanremo (20 March), Milano-Torino (6 October), Gran Piemonte (7 October) and Il Lombardia (9 October). The Giro takes place between 8 and 30 May.

The initiative (which was originally called “Chroniclers for a day”) will eventually select one student to participate in one of the stages of the race, giving them access to the press room of Giro d’Italia or another cycling Classic. From their own workstation, students will enjoy a chance to write a piece (either an article or a sports essay) narrating their experience of the race, written through the lens of a young reporter. At the end of the stage, or day-race, they will see their work published on the official website of the Giro d’Italia.

This 2021, RCS Sport aims to consolidate the “Reporter for a day” project, extend its duration (from March to October) and involve the starting cities for all its races, too. The new format will be modified from its original set-up and enriched with new content and experiences.

For starting cities, where there are no press conference rooms (which are only located at the finish line of each stage), the contest will focus on photography rather than writing.

In preparation for racing events, teachers will encourage children to reflect on the importance of images in media and communications, and show them how to use phones and/or cameras for this purpose. The winners for each day of competition will see their photos published in the dedicated section of the official website of the event in which they take part.

Reporter for a day represents a unique opportunity for those who want to develop their interest in journalism and sports photography.

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