Veneto is without a doubt one of the most appreciated and renowned tourist destinations in the world. A region that has a lot to offer: spring, summer, fall and winter, every season is perfect for visiting the Venetian cities of art, cultural sources safeguarding priceless historical and artistic witnesses.

All kinds of accommodations, excellent hospitality, cultural events, fairs and markets, several opportunities for shopping, first-class cuisine and great fun wait for you in the wonderful Venetian land. And between churches, palaces, castles, old residences, villas, museums, paved roads, porticos and gardens, you will breathe an atmosphere of beauty and hospitality. Everywhere.

But Veneto is also nature, well-being and sports between the most beautiful peaks of the world, crystalline air, wild and uncontaminated nature, the gracious hamlets which punctuate the romantic valleys, and a coast awarded also in 2017 with eight blue flags (Bibione, Caorle, Eraclea, Jesolo, Cavallino Treporti, Sottomarina, Lido di Venezia and Rosolina).

Discover the main cities of this region below and for more details refer to the itineraries proposed in the devoted website:


A city that fascinates for its architectural and artistic treasures:

  • Piazza San Marco, which is the background of Basilica, a masterpiece of Romanesque-Byzantine architecture
  • Palazzo Ducale, residence of the Doge of the Serenissima Repubblica
  • Il Ponte dei Sospiri, Rialto and the Canal Grande with its richly decorated palaces.

It is located on an archipelago of 118 islets intersected by 150 channels and connected by more than 400 bridges, giving an absolutely unique scenario in the world;

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With its magical Arena, where today the visitor can appreciate a curtain wall that remains intact in many places and bulwarks of defense that make it one of the most fascinating walled cities of the Region;


It boasts ancient origins and that in the old town has a suggestive itinerary to discover its Roman vestiges, a sign of the importance of the city since the last centuries before Christ;

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The elegant city center is a journey through the magnificence of the ancient palaces and the spirituality that is breathed in its churches – among all, the basilicas of St Antonio, St. Giustina and the Cathedral with its Romanesque Baptistery – between the everyday crowded public markets of Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza della Frutta and the imposing Prato della Valle and  the millennial arcades;

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“Urbs picta” sophisticated without pomposity, with two of its rivers, Sile and Cagnan, that creep through the streets, giving a unique charm to the old town enclosed by ancient walls. The houses with their beautiful frescoed facades reflected on the Buranelli Canal and Fisherman’s Island, created for the fish market, tell the story of the city’s close connection with its waters;


With his reserved but generous character, living nestled in the heart of the Polesine and caressed by the breeze of the nearby Delta  del Po, This city  may appear less flashy than others of the region but it is for many  an artistic, cultural and environmental discovery;

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It is the entrance door to the astonishing world of the Dolomites. A precious city, immersed in a landscape of rare beauty, to explore road by road also through the pages of the journalist and writer Dino Buzzati.

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