12 May 2018
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In the province of Cosenza, Praia a Mare is a town with 6,871 inhabitants. Originally a densely populated village of farmers and fishermen on the narrow beaches between the Noce river, marking the border with Basilicata, and the rocky buttress beyond the floodplain of the Lao river, today it thrives mainly with tourism.

Praia a Mare is a town with 6.871 abitanti in the province of Cosenza.

Thanks to its wide beaches and to the wonderful Isola Dino (Dino Island) is one of the most appreciated tourist destination of Southern Italy.

From 2016 Praia a Mare is Bandiera Blu (Blue Flag) which is a symbol of outstanding tourist quality in Italy.

For the second time in three years Praia a Mare is again start and finish of a stage of Giro D’Italia. In 2016 with the 99th Giro d’Italia the l’hashtag #PraiaSplende was coined and from then on it represents the sunny town and all its events which bring tourists alla over the year.

Sea, sun, entertainment, distinctive tastes and a warm welcome are waiting for you in Praia a Mare!

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The typical strong flavors of Calabria with the influences of the nearby Lucania makes for a real blaze of wine and cuisine. This great tradition can be seen with its fish dishes for example swordfish, tuna and anchovies that can be found in the different local restaurants. A typical traditional pasta dish that is also found here is fusilli. This pasta is skillfully made with an underwire and is topped with a sausage and anchovies sauce. Praia a Mare is also part of the Riviera dei Cedri. This fruit is also used in different fish dishes and pastries.


The seaside village Praia a Mare was founded in 1928 and used to be part of the municipality of Aieta from which its gets most of its traditions. The historical artifacts including modern and contemporary art can be found in the municipality museum. It also has a very interesting shell section and an upper Paleolithic archaeological collection coming from the surrounding area. This was found in the sanctuary “Madonna della Grotta”. To be visited: the “Fortino”, which dates back to the XVI century and was built for defense reasons by the lords of Aieta in Fumarulo; the “Torre di Fiuzzi”, built in the XV century on the sea stacks of Fiuzzi, is one of the biggest fortresses in the area, situated there to guard the coast from the Saracen raids; the “Rocca di Praia”, a fortified complex dated back to the XIV century; the sanctuary “Madonna della Grotta”, located inside the Mount Vingolo natural cave, the original wooden statue was stolen and has been replaced with a copy of the original; the “Madonna della Neve statue”, made of white marble, it dates back to the 16th century and comes from the Gagini school.


Population: 6,781

Foundation: the seaside village Praia a Mare was founded in 1928 and used to be part of the municipality of Aieta

Ancient name: Praia Aieta (from 1928 definitely Praia a Mare)