31 May 2019
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San Martino di Castrozza is a renowned tourist destination located on a large plateau at 1450 meters, immersed in the elegant nature of the Paneveggio – Pale di San Martino Natural Park. The village is at the bottom of the Pale di San Martino, the widest mountain chain of the Dolomites (UNESCO heritage site), and it’s known for a long tradition of tourist hospitality started in the second half of the XIXth century with the first foreign mountaineers who came to these areas with the dream of conquering their unexplored peaks. This territory is a popular destination for all mountain lovers, an open-air gym to have an active holiday in contact with nature, living experiences in the mountains and enjoying the breathtaking scenery of its peaks.


Primiero’s typical dish is based on polenta, luganega, mushrooms and tosèla (a fresh curd cut in slices and cooked in butter over a low heat). Another traditional dish is canederli, which can be eaten either with broth or sprinkled with melted butter. Between meat and cured meat, the carne fumada DOP of Siror is particularly prized. From the great cheese production of the territory, that prides itself on being part of the Strada dei Formaggi delle Dolomiti, stands out the local cheese Primiero fresco and the botiro di malga (butter produced in mountain pastures). Finally, with regard to dessert, the strudel, the smorum and the brazedel of Siror are particularly noteworthy.


Primero Valley boasts the presence of the craft brewery BioNoc, young and dynamic entity, capable to get several recognition at international level. Its products are characterized by the use of spices and aromas mainly collected on the territory. Curiosity: most of the craft beers of the brewery have names that come from the local folklore (for example Guana, Rauca, Lipa…)


San Martino di Castrozza – San Martino is renowned for the surrounding natural beauties. From the residential area you can reach, by foot or by cable car, some of the most characteristic environments of all the Dolomites. Thanks to the cableways Colverde and Rosetta, you can get in less than an hour to the plateau of Pale di San Martino, a huge rocky plain surrounded by beautiful peaks. Highly recommended is a visit to the valleys symbol of the Paneveggio – Pale di San Martino Natural Park, from the Forest of the violins in Val Venegia to the Val Canali.

Primiero – the historical center of Fiera di Primiero, with its architecture typical of the Tirolean villages, is worth visiting. The church dedicated to the Virgin Mary is one of the most beautiful gothic churches in the whole Tirolean region and in Trentino. Close to the church you can find the Palazzo del Dazio, old seat of the magistrate that was in charge of the control of the mines, and of the tax office. The palace, in Austrian style, is characterized by embrasures, double-arched windows and protrusions. The historical center of Mezzano is worth visiting too. It has become member of the Most Beautiful villages of Italy for a few years thanks to its rural architecture and to the permanent exhibition “Cataste e Canzei”, dedicated to artistic woodpiles.


Inhabitants: 540 – San Martino di Castrozza, 10.000 Valle di Primiero e Vanoi

Origin: medieval settlement that has developed from the second half of the XIX century

Ancient name: the name comes from the religious institution of the Saints Martino and Giuliano that owned a residence for wanderers that crossed the Rolle Pass.