MATER-BI is the versatile and innovative bioplastic created by NOVAMONT which is being used to provide low environmental impact solutions for everyday products: carrier bags, organic waste bags, nets for fresh fruit and vegetables, paper wrappings, cups and napkins, plates, cutlery, cups and spoons for ice cream and a range of flexible packaging applications…A virtuous cycle from nature to nature. MATER-Bi is proof that through research in creating renewable materials, biodegradable and compostable products can be obtained with respect for the environment!

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Eurosintex produces and delivers recycling bins and ecologic integrated systems to the most important Italian towns. It’s one of the main firms in this sector.

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IMQ is Italy’s most important certification body and a European leader in conformity assessments and laboratory tests for the electrical, electronic, gas and energy industries.

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Corepla: National Consortium for the Collection and Recycling of Plastic packages was established in November, 1997 in accordance with law decree 22/97, taking over from the former Replastic Consortium, which only dealt with liquid containers, in accordance to the European legislation 94/62 concerning packing material and waste from packages in different material. It is part of the “CONAI System” (National Packaging Consortium) and is a no-profit private system with a social character. It operates according to principles of efficacy, efficiency and cheapness in order to conform to law and achieve the recycling objectives concerning all types of plastic packaging on the market.

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Greentire S.c.r.l. helps its associates in the handling of Out of Use Tyres, granting that the out of use tyres are handled according to the law and with respect for the environement.

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