Giro d’Italia is not only a cycling race but also a trip through our beautiful country!


10 different cities of art waiting to be discovered, the natural surroundings of the Apennines, the Motor Valley and its historic brands, the beautiful Adriatic coastline with 110 km of beaches, Europe’s largest amusement park district, Wellness Valley, dance clubs galore and delicious seafood cuisine, 24 thermal spas to choose from in 19 different enchanting locations, amazing food and wine. Emilia-Romagna has it all.



In Piedmont we you really have the choice when it comes to art and architecture, history and culture, legend and tradition and natural beauty. When you arrive in Turin, we promise you a full immersion in history and culture as the city is the home of the Royal House of Savoy. There are numerous museums to visit, from the Museo Egizio to the Museo Nazionale del Cinema. Turin is also the perfect departure point for exploring Piedmont. From mountains to lakes, from hills to plains, from art towns to historical villages, from the Savoy Residences to the Sacred Mountains and the vineyard landscapes of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato homeland of wines like, Barolo, Nebbiolo and Barbaresco.



The highest mountain peaks in Europe surround the quadrilateral that enclose one of the most beautiful regions in the Alps, the Aosta Valley. Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn, the Monte Rosa massif, and the Gran Paradiso, vast glaciers, two historical mountain passes, lakes, forests, waterfalls in short a mighty and varied nature, the city of Aosta overflowing with art, and furthermore, Roman and medieval monuments, castles, enchanting local traditions and a marvelous gastronomy and wine culture all offer countless stimulating opportunities for learning and enjoyment.



History, culture, art, geographical location make Veneto a World Region.
The Veneto Region is a concentration of extraordinary environments: from the delicate and romantic Venice to the historic and lively Verona; from the Palladian Vicenza to the learned Padua; from the sweetness of Asolo hills to the breathtaking beauty of mountains that are unique in the world like the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage; from the calm of the lagoons to the wide and sandy beaches; from a lush countryside dotted with hundreds of historic villas, to relaxation in the Euganean thermal basin; from the shores of the largest lake in Italy, Lake Garda, to the composure of so many Walled Cities.