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26 May 2016

Stage 18, from Muggiò to Pinerolo 240 km.

Stage 18 of the Giro d’Italia, Muggiò to Pinerolo, at 240km the longest stage of this year’s Giro with a demanding finale.

The group, 161 riders strong, passed km 0 at 11.22. Did not start: dossard nr 213, Belletti.

Muggiò: Light cloud. Wind: S 5-7km/h. 22-23°C
Pinerolo (Finish): Cloud. Wind: S 7-9km/h. 22-23°C

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Finish: Approx. 17.15

After running flat for 170km, this stage will have a more challenging finale. The route initially runs across the entire north-western Po Plain, from Milano to Torino, along mainly straight and wide roads. The stage course cuts across a few major cities, where the usual traffic-calming street furniture are to be found. After reaching Pinerolo (and clearing Colletta di Cumiana), the route takes a first pass over the finish line, climbs up the steep Via dei Principi d’Acaja stretch, tackles the Pramartino climb (4.6km with an average 10.4% gradient) and goes back to Pinerolo, to cover the last 3km, after a very technical descent.

Final kms
2,500m before the finish, the route turns left and climbs up Via Principi d’Acaja (450m with an average 14% gradient and peaks of 20%, on setts-paved and narrow road). Next is a steep and harsh descent leading into Pinerolo. The last 1,500m run on level roads, with just a few bends and a short stretch on stone-slab paving. The finish line is set at the end of an 8m wide, 350m long asphalt home straight.