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11 April 2016

Ride Green: the eco-friendly project

A new strategy dedicated to environmental conservation and recycling at the Corsa Rosa was announced today in the presence of the Italian Environment Ministry Undersecretary, Barbara Degani.

The “RIDE GREEN” project has been developed by RCS Sport in collaboration with E.R.I.C.A., a cooperative expert in environmental consultancy, specifically for the Corsa Rosa. In each of the 18 Italian stages of 2016 Giro, inside the stage start and finish areas, all the waste (paper, cardboard, plastic, metals, glass and organic materials) will be recycled in an effort to significantly reduce the amount of un-recyclable waste to  a minimum.


These environmentally-friendly initiatives are linked to the Social Responsibility activities that the Giro d’Italia plans every year. RIDE GREEN is part of a larger project that aims to make the Corsa Rosa fully eco-friendly. The World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) charity released a study in 2015 into the environmental impact of the Giro d’Italia. Based on this study, a five-year strategic plan has been developed, aiming to reduce the consequences of the race on the surrounding environment and placing the Giro in a position of excellence in the international events scene. One of the first steps in this strategy is waste management.


Italy’s Environment Ministry Undersecretary, Barbara Degani, attending the RIDE GREEN presentation, said: “With Expo Italy launched internationally a very important concept: eco-sustainable events. I’m very happy to follow up those ideas introducing the green side of one of the most popular Italian sport events: the Giro d’Italia. Having a peculiar event such the Giro, capable of reaching the whole Italian territory, delivering such an important message of respect for the environment and ecology, and for the culture and beauty of Italy, is very important. It shows that recycling and waste reduction are good practices for everyone, everywhere, and for us this is of paramount strategic importance. I’m sure that, as with Expo, this green evolution of the Giro d’Italia will increase the event’s number of international followers, becoming a badge of honour of being the first sport event to lead by example”.

Paolo Bellino, RCS Sport Managing Director, said: “The Giro d’Italia’s eco-sustainability is something dear to us, in particular recycling wastage and sustaining the environment of the areas we ride through. This project is part of the RCS Sport Social Responsibility area, which has been continually developing for many years with projects such as this and Biciscuola. RIDE GREEN will be the first experience in such a large scale event and inevitably, it will be logistically challenging – but we are sure that, thanks to all the parties involved, it will be a fundamental part of making the Giro more and more eco-friendly”.

Gaetano Benedetto, World Wide Fund For Nature Italy Managing Director, underlined how “WWF believes that it is possible to reduce the environmental impact of our activities everywhere, and if great events such as the Giro d’Italia continue to do it, the positive and concrete messages sent will transform into positive and concrete actions. In the past the Giro d’Italia has been a formidable ally in propagating environmental protection messages such as the importance of protected green areas or safeguarding protected animal species such as the wolf. Today the challenge consists of promoting the sense of responsibility in everyone, a message shared with the UN, the European Union and Pope Francis”.

E.R.I.C.A. CEO, Roberto Cavallo, said: “The goals are to collect as much waste as possible, recycle as much of it as possible, and measure the performance. We will do it through a communication plan sharing this very important message. We will have seven full time employed people on the field during the whole Giro, plus 216 volunteers that we will meet alongside the course, and 77 recycling stations at start and finish areas. I would like to thank all our partners in this positive challenge who are making a fundamental contribution to the success of this project”.


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