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24 April 2017

Pozzato and his mission

It was on an Italian evening in mid-January that season of Filippo Pozzato started, one that could make his goodbye to racing and, consequently, to the Giro d’Italia.

But the “Maestro”, nicknamed on social media, try to reach on one of the last missions in his career, winning his second career victory at the Corsa Rosa to bring the name of Wilier Triestina – Selle Italy back to the top.

At the Giro d’Italia Filippo Pozzato comes with a great deal of certainty, few have run as far as him in 2017, 38 days, as well as few have tried to leave a mark from the Langkawi Tour in Malaysia, where the victory slipped for a few centimeters in the 2nd stage, to the Giro delle Fiandre where Wilier Triestina – Selle Italia was the only Italian team and where Filippo Pozzato with the 8th place was the best among the runners of invited teams.

He has done everything in these 5 months of the year Pozzato, from captain to gregarious, and yet missing something, lacking that success that would still make the hearts of people at one of the most beloved champions and at the same time discussed of Italian cycling.

To give strength to Pippo Pozzato’s mission was born the hashtag #MakePippoGreatAgain


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