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21 February 2019

Maison Cilento 1780 and Giro d'Italia: a combination of Italian excellence

Maison Cilento 1780, the historic Neapolitan brand of sartorial elegance, announces an exclusive collaboration with Giro d’Italia for its 102nd edition – scheduled from May 11th to June 2nd – as official licensee of the tie.

Handcrafted in navy blue pure silk, it features the emblematic design of a stylised bicycle on the front and Giro d’Italia logo on the back.

Ugo Cilento represents the eighth generation of the historic dynasty that began the tailoring business comprising clothing, ties, shirts, accessories and footwear in Naples in 1780. “I’m very honoured to have been able to produce the official tie of Giro d’Italia – underlines the entrepreneur – a historic and prestigious event at national and international levels that enhances the beauty of our country. Maison Cilento, well-known and respected throughout the world for its history and tradition, wishes to promote a style that is strictly Made in Italy, synonymous with refinement and elegance and, at the same time, also of creativity and research“.

Cilento ties, both lined and unlined, are a true masterpiece of sartorial art. Made of pure silk twill, they are all seven-fold ties and handmade in Neapolitan workshops, according to the rules and proportions dictated by the great expertise in the field.

Before being hemmed, the fine silk twill is folded on itself seven times to give greater thickness. The process, which requires three hours of work and twice the fabric normally used, represents the utmost in Cilento style.

Alongside the refined and exclusive patterns, Maison Cilento has created “themed” ties dedicated to the world of crafts and professions, sports and art, which elegantly depict iconographies and original designs.