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21 March 2017


Unveiled today, through a video that showcases history and tradition, are three of the four leader’s jerseys of the 100th edition of the Giro d’Italia, which starts from Sardinia on 5 May and finishes in Milan on 28 May.

The fourth jersey – the one that denotes the leader of the Sprint Classification – will be unveiled in the coming days, with a special surprise to celebrate this year historic edition of the Corsa Rosa.

Giro d’Italia 100 jerseys are made by Santini Maglificio Sportivo, who designed all the details.

  • MAGLIA ROSA – sponsored by ENEL – General Classification leader
  • MAGLIA AZZURRA – sponsored by BANCA MEDIOLANUM – Mountains Classification leader
  • MAGLIA BIANCA – sponsored by EUROSPIN – Young Rider Classification leader

“The Giro d’Italia tells more than 100 years of the history of our country. The effort of the athletes riding their bikes demonstrates the passion, the sacrifice and the team spirit needed to finish each stage and maybe win it too. Enel shares the same spirit as the 100th edition of the Giro becoming even closer to the people, showcasing its activities and learning where to improve to best address its clients needs. We will follow the race to help tell the story of the great change happening in the world of energy, in particular around electric mobility, energy efficiency, Smart Technologies and a new shared vision of the future of energy in our country,” said Carlo Tamburi, Enel’s Head of Country Italy.


“We are proud to sponsor the Giro d’Italia Maglia Azzurra of the King of the Mountain for the fifteenth year. The Maglia Azzurra is a symbol of the Italian culture,” said Ennio Doris, Banca Mediolanum Chairman. “Our choice to continue our sponsorship is motivated by the idea that to climb a mountain we go slower, as happens in times of economic crisis, but, at the same time, we pull out all of our strength to win. The final winner of the Giro d’Italia comes from the Mountains. Cycling is a sport that requires effort. Those who have tried to cycle uphill know that only those who have trained manage to reach the top of the Mountain. This hundredth edition of the Giro is a story of men and their passions and challenges, a great story loved by millions of fans.”


“This is our third year of sponsoring the Maglia Bianca,” said Ivan Odorizzi, Eurospin Italia Chairman, “and we are very pleased to participate in the Giro 100, such an important edition of the race. Despite being over 100 years old, the Giro d’Italia has never felt so young and vibrant. We like to think the same about Eurospin. We are only 24 years old, so we are legitimately entitled to wear the Maglia Bianca! In our 24 years we have pedalled a lot, so that today we have more than 1,000 retail points and we have presence in each and every province of our country, paying particular attention to local traditions. This year, next to each Giro stage, we will dedicate to the local gastronomic excellences a specific brand: ‘Giro tra i Sapori d’Italia’. It looked like the best way to celebrate Giro100!”